Best Boat Covers

Best Boat Covers For Winter & Outdoor Storage

Your boat is more than just something that might look great. It is also a valuable asset that you will surely want to have run for as long as possible. But to make it last, you have to get an appropriate cover added to it. Just look at the best boat covers reviews out there and you will see that there are many useful options that add a good deal of protection over your boat without hassles. A cover will provide your boat with the protection it deserves from all sorts of outside issues.

Best Boat Covers

Best Boat Covers

You must look at how well you are going to get a boat cover added onto your vessel if you want it to stay protected. This guide will help you to identify a quality cover that you can use for getting your boat protected and secured in any case. This includes understanding what can fit onto your boat and how well it is built.

You will have to watch for not only how large a cover is but also how well it can fit and what it is made out of. By reviewing the features of a cover, you will have an idea of what might work for your demands. You must still look at how well the boat is laid out and that you have a cover that will fit its body the right way.

Quick Answer: Best Boat Covers For Winter & Outdoor Storage

MSC Heavy Duty 600D Trailerable Boat Cover is my instant answer.

Some of the products listed here among the best boat cover reviews include models that are made with specific types of boats in mind based on their layouts.

  1. MSC Heavy Duty 600D Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover
  2. Leader Accessories 600D Polyester
  3. Vortex New Beige 20 FT Canvas Cover
  4. Budge 600 Denier Boat Cover
  5. MSC Heavy Duty Grey 600D Mooring & Storage Boat Cover
  6. Vortex Tan Ultra 3 Pontoon/Deck Boat Cover
  7. Vortex Heavy Duty VHull Cover
  8. OOFIT Trailerable Boat Cover
  9. Seamander Heavy Duty 600D
  10. Classic Accessories StormPro

10 Best Boat Covers Compared Briefly

Cover Length Range (in feet) Width Range (in inches) Fabric Check On Amazon
MSC Heavy Duty 600D Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover 14-24 68-102 Canvas with polyester Backing Check Price On Amazon
Leader Accessories 600D Polyester 14-24 68-116 Polyester Check Price On Amazon
Vortex New Beige 20 FT Canvas Cover 18-20 Up to 102 Canvas Check Price On Amazon
Budge 600 Denier Boat Cover 16-26 Up to 106 Polyester Check Price On Amazon
MSC Heavy Duty 600D Grey Mooring Storage 14-24 68-102 Polyester Check Price On Amazon
Vortex Tan Ultra 3 Pontoon/Deck Boat Cover 22-24 Up to 102 Polyester Check Price On Amazon
Vortex Heavy Duty VHull Cover 17-19 Up to 102 Polyester Check Price On Amazon
OOFIT Trailerable Boat Cover 14-22 90-100 Canvas-polyester mix Check Price On Amazon
Seamander Heavy Duty 600D 14-24 68-102 Canvas-polyester mix Check Price On Amazon
Classic Accessories StormPro 16-18.5 Up to 98 Canvas-polyester mix Check Price On Amazon

Features Of The Selected Boat Covers [Winter, Outdoor Storage, Trailering]

Note: Many of the products available for sale will work for most types of boats.

MSC Heavy Duty 600D Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover Review

This marine-grade cover uses a canvas body with a polyester backing. This uses two layers of PU coating for extra UV protection. Its straps can be adjusted to control how well the cover can go over the body of the boat.

The comfortable layout of the cover ensures that the boat will not wear out quickly. It can stay intact in most situations and should be strong enough for your use. The different models (A, B, C, D, E, F) fit different V-hull runabouts, fishing boats, aluminum bass boats, pro-style bass boats, and fish and ski boats.


  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • Storage bag included
  • Limited warranty of 2 years
  • 6 different models and different sizes can adjust different types of boats


  • You might need some boat support poles to get the cover to work well

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Leader Accessories 600D Polyester

This is another 600D polyester boat cover that comes in six sizes. The polyester surface comes with a PU coating for added safety. The double-stitched seams add extra protection on potentially fragile spots. The straps around the cover are also reinforced to ensure the cover will stay intact and will not slip off while you get it added onto a trailer.

A series of rear vents are stitched onto the back of the cover. These allow air to move through while preventing moisture from flowing into the boat.

This Leader Accessories cover is all available in many colors. You can get this to work in a fine style that fits your demands.


  • Fits over most hulls styles (6 models)
  • Comes with its own convenient storage bag
  • Comes with six adjustable straps, although some larger models come with seven
  • 3 years limited warranty


  • Does not handle detergent well during the washing process

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Vortex New Beige 20 FT Canvas Cover

This next choice from Vortex is made with a sturdy heavyweight canvas surface that adds a special cover over the body of your boat. This is made for many pontoon boats. It also comes with twelve straps all around its body. These straps help you to keep a good cover over the boat while transferring it out on the road.

An elastic band is also featured along the end of the cover. The band adds a conforming shape that keeps the boat comfortable.


  • Thick surface beads water well
  • Enough straps to support longer trailers
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Great protection against UV and mildew


  • Limited in size; it does not come with multiple size options
  • Canvas might wear out when left in the sun for too long

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Budge 600 Denier T-top Boat Cover

This particular boat cover is great for the hardtop and T-top boats. It comes in five sizes with each handling beams up to 106 inches in width. The 600D polyester surface is very thick and adds extra UV protection to keep your boat protected well.

In addition to the standard straps at the ends, you can also use a series of buckles to keep those straps secure and protected. The elastic hem on the bottom also adds a good fit all the way through.


  • Comfortable body all around
  • Flexible enough to fit around most trailers
  • Vents are fully stitched onto the ends
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • Seams appear to be relatively visible
  • Elastic hem could wear out after a while

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MSC Heavy Duty 600D Grey Mooring & Storage Boat Cover

Start looking for a boat cover by taking a closer review of this MSC model. This is made in six sizes with the largest being around 24 feet in length. This comes with a thick polyester cover with double PU coating to add extra protection.

This resists UV damage and mildew and can fit over most types of boats. This also weighs around ten pounds, thus making it easy to apply over most boat styles. The ventilation features around the back end will help you to keep the cover protected.


  • Variety of sizes
  • PU coating adds extra support
  • Uses strong wires and ropes for securing onto a trailer
  • 2 years warranty (limited)


  • Tough to fold up
  • Stitching on some of the seams is a little too visible

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Vortex Tan Ultra 3 Pontoon/Deck Boat Cover Review

This 24-foot cover uses a 102-inch beam measurement to cover over most major boats on the market. It uses an elastic band on its end to go alongside its straps. The 600D polyester surface is double-coated with polyurethane to keep it secure. The twelve straps on the cover also keep it intact on any surface.


  • Works well for thicker pontoons
  • Straps are all easy to adjust and control
  • 5-year warranty


  • Requires extra effort for tucking it in if the boat you are covering is too small
  • Does not vent well

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Vortex Heavy Duty VHull Cover

This next choice is made specifically with V-Hull boats in mind. It includes a waterproof 600D polyester body. This also has ten straps for keeping the cover secure over the body of your V-Hull boat.

The two coats of polyurethane on this cover ensure that it will stay protected and safe from outside threats. This allows for a better sense of control over how well the cover works.


  • Ends of the straps are carefully secured onto the ends of the cover
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Can work with some other boat designs, but it might feel loose in some cases
  • No real visible ventilation features

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OOFIT Trailerable Boat Cover

This next surface uses a mix of canvas and polyester materials to create a thicker body all around. It comes with three sizes in mind and offers a simple installation system.

You can use the front and back marks to identify how well the cover can be loaded up. There are a few simple straps included alongside buckles to make it easier for the cover to go around a surface. This all works with a mildew-resistant surface that can handle UV rays. The PU coating adds a good touch as well.


  • Simple buckle system
  • Convenient storage bag included
  • Beads water well to keep the cover from being overly wet
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not as many sizes available for use as with other boat cover models

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Seamander Heavy Duty 600D

You can order this Seamander cover selecting one of six sizes. This option is worth reviewing because of how it offers a strong and carefully organized body. This uses a mix of canvas and polyester materials in its weave while the back coating uses a double PU surface for added UV protection.

The double-stitched seams add a comfortable surface while the straps make it easier for you to fit the cover onto a trailer. Each of the twelve straps can be adjusted as you see fit. This all comes with a convenient storage bag for your security demands.


  • The strong body keeps the rain out
  • Beads moisture well
  • Offers a simple process for adjusting it
  • 2-year warranty from the buying date


  • Not much in terms of ventilation
  • Takes a bit for a support pole to go over the body

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Classic Accessories StormPro

The last of the best boat covers reviews to see entails this Classic Accessories product that offers a polyester body. This resists mold and mildew and has UV protection all around for a stronger design. The coat uses a series of tie-down straps that keep the body protected.

A support pole is included in the boat cover. This offers a comfortable design that allows the cover to stay intact and fully supported in any case.


  • Easy to add the support pole
  • Simple installation feature
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Comes with storage bag
  • This cover has different sizes and fits fishing boats, ski boats, and pro-style bass boats


  • Tough to fold up
  • Not as flexible in its fit as with other models

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Buying Guide


There are many points to watch for when reading the best boat covers reviews. To start, it helps to look at how large your cover is.

The size of your best cover is clearly the most important thing to see when finding a quality model. The size should be measured based on the length and width of your boat. Refer to the FAQ section to get a better idea of what to expect out of the sizing standards.

Some covers will put the style of your hull into consideration. Check the standards for a cover you want to get and compare them with the size of your boat to get an idea of what to expect out of your model.


The fabric used on your boat cover is clearly going to be the most important part of the boat to look at. There are many options for you to consider when getting your fabric ready:


Polyester is a popular surface for how it can resist UV rays. It will maintain its shape even when it is exposed to high temperatures. This is the most popular fabric you can find for a boat cover.


Nylon is noteworthy for being a thick fabric that will add an appropriate covering. Nylon does well with resisting moisture. But it should be protected with an added UV-resistant coating. Bare nylon can break down if left in the sun for too long. This is not as commonplace as other materials due to its issues with UV rays.


You may find some surfaces that offer poly-cotton blends. This is a mix of polyester and cotton. The two do well with handling water, but it is best to look for something where polyester is the most prominent material being used. Anything with too much cotton might stretch or quickly break down over time.


Canvas fabric is similar to what you might find on a backpack. Canvas is a strong woven fabric that is typically made of cotton although some linen materials may be used just as well. Polyester is often added to the canvas to add extra support for polyurethane or to keep the fabric from absorbing far too much moisture at a time.

Canvas is popular for being heavy and thick while using a sturdy weave. But it may also stretch and wear out depending on how much exposure it gets to the sun.

You can identify how thick the canvas material is based on the number of ratings it gets. Canvas with a lower number rating is heavier and therefore offers more protection than something listed with a higher number.

Denier Rating

You may notice a number with the letter D next to it when looking for a boat cover. The boat covers reviews can show you might have 600D polyester or 400D nylon on your cover.

The D refers to a denier rating for the boat cover fabric. The denier refers to the linear mass density of fibers that are found in the fabric. This is a measure of the number of fibers or mass in grams for every 9,000 meters of fiber.

The main point about the denier rating is that a higher number means the fabric has more fibers in its body. This includes more fibers for keeping the cover intact and secure. You would have to watch carefully for how thick the cover is and that if it is dense enough to keep your boat covered all the way through.


A coating might be included on your cover. This might include a PU or polyurethane coating. PU is often added to protect the cover from water or sun damages.

Sometimes one layer of coating is enough as it will spread evenly over the body of your cover. Two layers may be used in some cases as well. Having two layers is often preferred as it will not break down as quickly as what you might get elsewhere.


The seams used in your boat cover should be sturdy and a little thicker than other items around your cover. These seams may be double-stitched to add a good body that is easy to handle. This is critical for spots that will connect sections of your boat together. The seams should be kept from being easily exposed as well.

Straps and Other Securing Features

The straps on the ends of the boat cover will assist you with keeping the boat fully covered. Straps are added to secure the cover over the boat or to get it anchored onto a trailer. The straps should be thick enough to add protection and security. There should be enough of these straps to work well too.

Another securing feature to see is an elastic hem. This might be found on the ends of the cover to add an extra bit of security over the body of your cover. This should work well for keeping your cover protected, but you must look at how well the hem is built. There is a potential for the hem to wear out and weaken from all that use.

Trailerable Features

Look at how well the boat cover can flex over the back end of the boat. It should be trailerable or capable of going over the back end of the boat without any problems. When used right, the boat cover will stay intact and secure over the body of your boat while it is in transit.


The weight of your cover is vital to keeping it intact. A boat cover needs to come with a lightweight body that makes it easier for you to secure it over your boat. It should also be easy to take down when you no longer have a need for using it.

Many covers are at least ten pounds in weight and should not add lots of pressure onto your boat. Some other models can be around twenty pounds, but that is the case for larger covers or ones made with thicker items or more support straps on their bodies.


Review how well you can fold and secure your cover after you are done using it. A cover should have flexible enough of a body to help you fold it up accordingly so it can be kept in storage.

Securing Materials

Many boat covers come with their own flexible materials or fastening items that help you to keep your cover down on a surface. A rope might be used to secure your cover onto a large trailer or at least along the ends of the boat. But you may also find some stretch cord items that add a better and more conforming shape over the boat.

You would have to look at how well the securing materials on your boat cover are laid out and that they can work for your storage demands.


Vents help to reduce the moisture that might build up around your cover and your boat. Vents allow air to move through the boat while it is covered. This allows any possible moisture buildup to evaporate and move out. This, in turn, reduces the potential for mold or mildew to develop. The vents should appear around the top parts of a cover.

Also, the vents are typically sewn into the cover. Vents that are glued onto the cover might fall off after a while, what with glue breaking down when exposed in the sun for too long. When you will prepare the boat for the coming season with a shiny boat wax or boat paint you will remember the cover for its great work.

Where Will You Store It?

Regardless of the features that come with your boat cover, you have to look at where you are going to store your boat at. You will need a cover regardless of whether you store it either indoors or outdoors.

For cases where the boat goes outdoors, you will have to look at how well the cover can handle the sun’s rays. This includes support for blocking UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can you figure out the right size for your boat cover?

The following steps must be used when determining the appropriate size for your boat cover:

  1. Measure how long your boat is from one end of the centerline to the other. Allow for an extra bit of distance for any ladders, trolling motors, or other items you might add to the body of your boat.
  2. Measure the width of the beam. This should entail the measurement of the widest distance between the two halves on your boat.
  3. See how well your boat will go onto a trailer. The cover will have to secure itself onto the trailer for the best results.

Also, make sure when measuring the length of your boat that you avoid measuring up and over your windshield. The length should be in a straight line from one end to the next without any curves or other alterations included in the measurement process.

How can you get your boat cover cleaned off?

In most cases, you can clean a boat cover by rinsing it off with clean water. A mild soap material can help you with removing any dirt or other items.

The boat cover should be hung to try. Make sure the cover is all the way dry before you can add it back onto your boat.

What does the make of a universal boat cover mean by “universal?”

Many of the boat covers you will find, particularly the ones you just read about, are listed as universal boat covers. This means a cover will fit over most boats based on the size of the cover. Some companies take the design of the hull into consideration as well.

Are there any liquids that might damage your boat cover?

Even with a boat cover often being sturdy and easy to handle, some liquids might potentially damage the quality of your boat cover. Gasoline, chemicals, and abrasive materials might damage the body of your cover regardless of what that body is made out of.

Can the cover handle pollution?

Try to avoid using a boat cover in areas with excess pollution or where acid rain might be common. These conditions can harm both your boat and the cover itself.

Can the cover handle ice?

Although a boat cover can protect the body of your boat from being hurt by ice during the coldest times of the year, you will still need to maintain the cover and clear it off during the winter. This includes both brushing off the snow as it builds up and clearing off the ice before it can stick around for too long. Such problems could hurt the body of your cover.

The best thing to do during the winter season is to simply store your boat indoors. The cover will still work while indoors to keep dust and other items inside a storage space from getting into the boat.


You must make sure that your boat is covered in any situation. You need a great cover that keeps your boat protected and safe at all times without worrying about what might come about on your boat. Especially don’t forget to add it to the boat winterization checklist.

Getting a quality boat cover can make a world of difference when it comes to taking care of your vessel. Look carefully at how well your cover is laid out and that it can fit over the body of your boat. Watch for how well you can add it and that you have something sturdy to last for a while and to stay functional.

When you will start the season cleaning the boat hull and boat interior, you will definitely feel the difference made by a proper boat cover.

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