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Best Marine Stereos 2021 Reviews | Relax On Boat

A stereo could be one of the best things you could add to your boat. With the best marine stereos, you can entertain yourself and others on your boat. This is perfect if you want a little bit of entertainment while sailing along the water.

If anything, a marine stereo could be critical to your safety on the water. You can use this to get in touch with weather stations in your local area. A weather band report can help you get information on weather issues in a place. The stereo can also help you with managing phone calls with any Bluetooth-linked device that is connected to the setup too. It will surely be easy for you to stay in touch with other people with the top possible marine stereo for your use.

Best Marine Stereos

Best Marine Stereos

But you will have to look at how well a marine stereo can be organized as you buy one. Each stereo on the market is unique based on its appearance, how it can playback media in many forms, and so forth. You’ve got to look at how well a stereo can work even in inclement weather conditions as well.

This guide covers all the points you need to know about using a marine stereo. The best marine stereo for your desires is surely out there. You just have to notice how each of these stereo setups work.

Quick Answer: The Best Marine Stereos In 2021

In our opinion, Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70 Marine Stereo System is the best marine stereo. But, it always depends on your needs. So, it is you who will have to decide which is the best choice for you particularly.

  1. BOSS Audio MCKGB350W.6
  2. BOSS Audio MGR350B
  3. Pyle Bluetooth Marine Stereo Receiver
  4. Pyle Marine Headunit Receiver Speaker Kit
  5. Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70 Marine Stereo System
  6. Kenwood Marine Boat Outdoor Set
  7. Kenwood KMR-D368BT
  8. Planet Audio PGR35B
  9. Pyle Premium Waterproof Stereo

Comparison For The Best Marine Stereo System

Stereo Speakers Inputs Check On Amazon
BOSS Audio MCKGB350W.6 Two 6.5-inch units USB and Aux-In Check Price On Amazon
BOSS Audio MGR350B Two 3.5-inch speakers USB and Aux-In Check Price On Amazon
Pyle Bluetooth Marine Stereo Receiver Not included SD, Aux, and USB Check Price On Amazon
Pyle Marine Headunit Receiver Speaker Kit Two 5.25-inch units SD, Aux, and USB Check Price On Amazon
Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70 Marine Stereo System Aux-in, USB Check Price On Amazon
Kenwood Marine Boat Outdoor Set Four 6.5-inch speakers SD, CD, Aux, and USB Check Price On Amazon
Kenwood KMR-D368BT Not included CD and USB Check Price On Amazon
Planet Audio PGR35B Not included Aux-In and USB Check Price On Amazon
Pyle Premium Waterproof Stereo Not included USB Check Price On Amazon

Top Marine Stereos Reviewed

Note: Some of the products listed in this guide come with their own speakers. Others do not have speakers and just consist of a receiver, but you have the option to get whatever speakers you want to use added to your setup as you see fit.

BOSS Audio MCKGB350W.6

This first marine stereo product is made with a solid body that can handle streaming audio setups. With this, you can connect your mobile device or other streaming media player to the stereo through a Bluetooth link. A USB port with a charging unit is also included alongside an Aux-In wire.

Two 6.5-inch speakers are included in this BOSS Audio setup. These speakers can mount into three-inch holes. Rubber surround features also allow sounds to project well while supporting the vibrations needed for getting sounds to be easier to notice.


  • Simple control setups
  • Sub control lets you adjust sub-level on the radio
  • Can quickly switch between many radio bands including weather bands


  • Does not come with a CD player
  • Takes a moment for some Bluetooth links to be set up

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BOSS Audio MGR350B Review

This in-dash unit has a Bluetooth link setup and uses USB and Aux-In ports. The speakers and main control panel are 3.5 inches deep and will fit into most consoles. This produces 60 watts of power and offers a built-in EQ that can handle the balance, fade, bass, and treble.


  • UV coatings included around the surface of each speaker set
  • You can charge devices through the USB port
  • The weather band is easy to configure and use


  • Does not play CDs
  • The fuse box needs to be covered appropriately for it to work

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Pyle Bluetooth Marine Stereo Receiver

This model is very versatile over what you can do with it. This uses a Bluetooth connection that can read mobile devices you pair up with it. You can use the microphone included in the connection to call people on the radio.

You can even use the remote included with this to answer or reject calls. The digital display screen will provide information on who is calling you at a given time.

The console includes an SD card slot plus USB and Aux ports on the right-hand side. The controls let you adjust the volume and frequency and can let you switch between various bands.

This does not come with any speakers, but you can get the console to link up to most models. The console uses RCA output connectors that support up to 300 watts of power. This includes 75 watts on up to four channels. This means the console unit should be capable of supporting most audio setups.

This all comes with its own small remote. The remote includes buttons for all your control needs and is very convenient.


  • The remote control is carefully labeled
  • RCA cables make linking to speakers easy to do


  • You will have to get your own speakers for this model
  • EQ audio control setup takes a bit to get used to

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Pyle Marine Headunit Receiver Speaker Kit

All the things that you need for on-board entertainment can be found in this Pyle setup. This comes with USB, SD, and Aux ports on the right-hand side of the console. The console has various controls that help you to move from one band to the next.

This can also work with a helpful Bluetooth link. You can use the console or the remote included with the kit to accept or reject calls linked to a mobile device.

The two 5.25-inch speakers included in the kit are fully sealed with strong covers. An aluminum voice coil is included alongside an extensive frequency response to produce crisp sounds while creating the right kinds of vibrations along your boat to keep the sound easy to notice while projecting well. A rear-panel RCA connection setup can also be used for getting the speakers to link up and start working accordingly.

The remote included is slim and easy to store anywhere. The remote covers all the vital controls you might have a need to work with and should not be complicated for use.


  • Speakers are well covered
  • Speakers can be installed anywhere around your boat’s console
  • Extensive frequency range


  • SD and USB slot can only support devices with up to 32 GB
  • Takes a moment for Bluetooth links to get set up

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Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70 Marine Stereo System with Bluetooth Review

Some of the latest marine technologies make this Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70 marine stereo system one of the most desired equipments for on-water activities. This versatile stereo can replace any standard DIN sized stereo without reconfiguring the dash space with ease.

The innovative design permits easy, flexible, and attractive installation onboard. The stereo can be controlled from any compatible device with the control of the stereo or the Android or Apple device with the help of the Fusion-link Bluetooth app.

This stereo comes with a clear LCD display. Different sources are available: USB, MP3, FM/AM radio. The stereo is designed and fabricated for the marine environment. The front panel with IPX7 performs maximum resistance in the aquatic environment. We can use the two independent audio zones according to our needs.


  • Flexible and easy to replace or install
  • Provides worldwide consumer warranty for 12 months
  • Wireless remote control from compatible devices provides freedom, comfort, and relaxation
  • Multiple sources available make the device a versatile one
  • The design and engineering gives maximum protection in the marine environment
  • Looks beautiful for perfect installation
  • Two audio zones are always flexible for the users


  • It is not compatible with some of the devices

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Kenwood Marine Boat Stereo Outdoor Set

Kenwood has been heralded as one of the top companies in the world for audio and stereo systems. Today Kenwood has its own set that is considered to be one of the best marine stereo options you can find today. This comes with an extensive number of materials to help you keep the entertainment going.

The basic dash includes a digital media port and a CD player. It also supports Bluetooth playback features on most mobile devices.

Four 6.5-inch speakers are also included in this model. A 50-foot spool of marine speaker wire is also included to help you with installing the speaker setup. The wiring conducts energy well thanks to its sturdy copper body. The speakers can handle about 200 watts of power altogether.

The graphic equalizer lets you control sounds quite well. An outside wired microphone is also included on the set to help you with making calls through a Bluetooth link on your mobile device. The simplicity of what Kenwood has to offer here makes for something you will love to utilize while on the water.


  • Works with an extended variety of media formats
  • USB playback setup works effortlessly
  • The mounting depth is a slim 2.13 inches for each speaker


  • The installation process requires extensive effort
  • Controls on the center console are rather tight

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Kenwood KMR-D368BT CD/MP3 Marine Stereo Receiver

This is a more basic receiver that works alongside most speaker setups although you would have to get a speaker on your own. The marine CD receiver comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature that pairs well with a few outside media device connections.

This all works with a 13-band equalizer to help you with keeping a good connection working. A built-in amplifier works with up to four channels to make your outside speakers more functional.

You can also use the six-channel outputs for getting more items, link to the receiver. This works with help for the front, rear, and sub speakers.

The unit works perfectly with a full display screen with a convenient layout. The buttons on the control setup also help you to keep your media under control.


  • Flexible for working with many connections
  • Bluetooth microphone included with the setup


  • Tough to link to some speakers
  • Console buttons are jumbled up together

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Planet Audio PGR35B

This setup uses 60 watts of power over four channels although you would have to link this up to outside speakers around your boat. This is still flexible for how it can handle most connections. It works with USB and Aux-In ports plus individual ports for added speakers you can utilize inside the boat.

This uses MP3 and WMA playback features and also comes with support for Bluetooth needs. The front panel also comes with a simple display with all the necessary buttons for your control demands.

The three-inch diameter on the control setup gives you enough room to control all the features inside the setup, but the three-inch mounting setup is even more convenient for helping you to get it set up inside your vehicle.


  • You can charge items in the USB port on the receiver unit
  • Pre-amp outputs let you add more signal processors as desired


  • It may be hard to link this to some speakers
  • Does not have a CD player

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Pyle Premium Waterproof Marine Stereo

The last of the best marine stereo options to find is this model from Pyle. This comes with a beautiful layout that features not only an audio setup but also a small video input display. This four-inch receiver unit comes with an LCD display with a full graphic display to help you control everything on the stereo setup. This even works with a setup for playing back videos on a mobile device or any kind of outside media you directly connect to the unit.

This works with a Bluetooth link and a series of simple buttons all along with its display. The audio and video input and output features do well with linking to various devices, but they work best when you are getting outside speakers linked to this unit. Each of the ports and connections included with this stereo setup is easy to identify and utilize.


  • Only needs 2.5 inches of space for mounting
  • USB flash drive works for most media files
  • The simple graphic display makes it easier for you to handle many controls and setups


  • Bluetooth connection is only good for about ten feet

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Buying Guide

Now that you have seen some of the best marine stereo products available on the market, you will have to use a few points for finding something that fits in with your desires. Be aware that the features of each marine stereo setup are always going to be different.

Entertainment Points

The entertainment features on your stereo system should be diverse and varied. You can find many different features on a setup including not only a radio receiver and CD player but also a Bluetooth link to a mobile device that can stream audio.

Some models may work with SD players or even video playback features. Any video screens used on a receiver are more than likely going to be too small for multiple people to watch at a given time.

Resistance Features

Take a look at how your marine stereo of interest can resist many water and weather issues. A stereo should resist water and UV rays, but it should also include anti-corrosion protection. This includes support for preventing rust and corrosion in your unit.

Check the Power

The power settings on your speaker setup should be reviewed based on how many channels can be supported and the wattage. A unit with a higher wattage total can handle more energy. Something with more channels can work on many units.

Look At the Ports

Great USB, Aux-In, and SD ports are perfect to have on a marine stereo system. They can be integrated within the receiver and can help you connect many items to the stereo for easy playback. But be advised that open ports can collect water and could be at risk of rust or corrosion.

Any ports you use should have covers over them to keep them from being exposed while not in use. This is to keep each part from being disrupted while in use.

Expansion Support

Check on how well you can expand upon your marine stereo system. Look at how you can add a subwoofer or other items to your setup as you see fit. Each stereo system is different in how it can handle multiple types of stereo features. Look at what you are getting out of a system when seeing what might work for you.

Rubber Is Vital

Rubber materials are often found on many speakers on the best marine stereos setups. Rubber is popular for being flexible and for keeping the sounds produced by the system organized.

The conducive nature of the rubber materials inside a stereo system can make a real difference as you are aiming to get some form of protection within a setup.

Look At the Antenna

The antenna features on a stereo system should be integrated well into the unit. The antenna should include a small port that does not protrude out of your boat.

Instead, the antenna will have a small receiver that takes in audio signals from the all-around of a local area. This is especially important if you need to get weather information off of the specialized weather signal band.

Some units come with support for satellite radio signals too. But you would have to activate the satellite receiver separately and also spend a certain monthly fee on those signals to make it work properly.

Everything Needs To Be Coated

The circuits and other parts on your marine stereo set have to be coated to keep them from being hurt by intense temperatures or water. Many stereos come with circuit boards that are fully coated. A coating might come with a silicone, epoxy, or acrylic surface.

Such a coating is vital for keeping your stereo system secure. Sometimes a coating might be hard or soft. Whatever the case is, a coating will ensure that your unit will resist moisture and not be at risk of damage while out on the water.

Color Points

The color does not necessarily matter when it comes to the best marine stereo, but most models can at least blend in well with your boat’s dashboard.

A stereo setup can come with one of many appealing colors including black or white for the most part. Some color accents can be found in the speakers too, but it is up to you to figure out what might work best for your demands.

The good news is that most of these speakers should blend in with a white dashboard that most boats would come with. But whatever you use, make sure it is organized accordingly and that it blends in well.

Added Attachments

Not all marine stereo systems have their own small attachments, but some models have these points to make them easier to utilize in many situations. An attached microphone may be used for phone calls, for instance. An antenna amplifier may also be added to make it easier for the stereo to receive certain signals.

These added attachments will make your marine stereo system all the more functional. But be advised that you would probably have to spend extra to get these items ready on your boat.

Also, the installation process for such attachments can vary. Not all items are compatible with your system either. Review the points for each item of interest to you to see what you can get off of them and if they are suitable for use in your particular boating setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should your marine stereo be mounted?

Although you have the option to mount your marine stereo anywhere you want on your boat, you will have to look carefully at how you are making it work. The best marine stereo setup will go below the main deck of your boat. This includes keeping the receiver and speakers around the bottom part of the boat.

By doing this, you are preventing the stereo from collecting water. Also, keeping the speakers around the bottom part of the stereo system works as it ensures the audio playback can move along much of the boat. The vibrations produced along the floor of the boat might make it easier for the sounds to go around, although a subwoofer can always be added separately.

How are you going to get one of these marine stereo systems installed?

The process for installing your stereo system will vary based on the particular system you have to work with. In most cases, the wires that come with a receiver can link up to speakers without any problems. They should come with the appropriate ports, but you would have to check on your model for details.

A marine stereo should also connect well to a 12-volt battery inside the boat. Larger units might require extra power for use.

Speaker wires might also be needed for connections. Your speaker wires would have to be sturdy enough to handle electric connections with ease. Anything that features copper helps too, what with copper being a strong conductor of energy.

Some marine stereo systems are labeled as being waterproof while others are water-resistant. What is the difference between the two?

A waterproof marine stereo system can be submerged all the way. A water-resistant one can handle splashes and some rain but could be damaged by intense rainfall or complete submersion.

Is a CD player really a necessity for a marine stereo?

Although it is very easy to get a CD player ready on a marine stereo, it is not a total necessity for a marine stereo. The problem with playing CDs while on the water is that they can skip and bump as the boat moves along.

Do you need to get a separate subwoofer added to your stereo set?

Although a subwoofer is completely optional, it is a good idea for you to add one to your stereo system. When you are cruising, the noise from the wind and water being produced can drown out the sounds from your stereo. A subwoofer will produce vibrations that go through the boat and amplify the quality of your sound.

How deep should the area that the speakers are installed in be?

It helps to install the speakers in the shallowest spots possible. When you install speakers in areas where there is lots of space, it becomes easier for the sounds being produced to spread out inside the boat’s body and not outside of it. This might cause some of the sounds to be lost as you play them back.

Getting speakers installed into smaller spots is the best solution. For instance, a speaker that is 2.5 inches deep can be installed in a spot that is 3 inches deep. This keeps sounds from spilling over while also allowing for enough room to keep the wiring moving along without hassles.

How well can the radio coverage for a stereo system be?

The radio coverage on your stereo system should be strong enough to project sounds without hassles. You might not get access to many commercial stations in some rural areas, but you will still reach plenty of weather stations no matter where you go.

The best rule of thumb is to use the radio in a wide-open space where trees and other items are not as likely to get in the way and keep your reception from being all that strong.

What if the packaging for a stereo system says that it has been “marinized?”

You must avoid any stereo system that claims to be “marinized.” This is a trendy code word used by many manufacturers to suggest that a stereo system is capable of working in a boat.

But in reality, it is just an automotive stereo system that comes with a circuit board spray-coated to handle watery conditions. This probably will not last all that long while out on the water.

A Final Note

Getting a quality marine stereo setup can make a real difference when you’re entertaining people on your boat. You can use the best marine stereo around to playback all your favorite media files or for receiving radio signals which could be important for boating safety. Besides the boating distress signals, the marine VHF radios and the marine stereos could be enough for communicating with the others in cases of emergencies.

Be sure when finding a marine stereo that you are aware of how it works and how you can get it installed. Look at the features it comes with and how easy it is to set up a proper connection. By using the right stereo system, you will have more than enough fun things to work with for your entertainment desires.

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