Marine WaterlineWhether you are new to the idea of maritime activities and boating, or a well-seasoned traveler or a professional, allow Marine Waterline to both inspire and entice you into the adventurous and exciting world of water sports, activities,  and professions.

Who are we? We are four very good, longtime friends who decided to create an exciting and informative website that serves to share and educate individuals about the great water activities & sports. Tricks, techniques, methods, and the products which make these activities entertaining and enjoyable are our topics of interest.

All four of us have studied from renowned maritime institutions and served in national and international waters with honor for years. We love to be in touch with the water and nature at our work or in free time with our friends and family. We would love to share our great experience with you to feel and enjoy the challenging water activities as you deserve it.

Water sports are fabulous, fast-paced, and fun ways to enjoy that extra bit of summer sun, and are suitable for individuals from all walks of life, ages and abilities. No matter if your interest lies in kayaking, fishing, water skiing, boating, or any other water sports/ activities you can be sure to find all the valuable information, encouragement, and inspiration you require, right here.

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