Best Underwater Fishing Lights

Best Underwater Fishing Lights For Night Fishing

One of the greatest hassles you will come across when fishing often entails the water being too dark. This is even worse when you are trying to get into the deepest waters or if the conditions in the water are rather cloudy. Having the best underwater fishing lights on hand with you is vital to your success when trying to get the most out of your fishing trip.

Best Underwater Fishing Lights

Best Underwater Fishing Lights

You can use the appropriate underwater fishing lights alongside your boat to help you look carefully for fish in many spots. These include fish located near some shallow spots. You could also find fish in deeper spaces when you attach your lights to a camera you can place underwater.

Your fishing lights can be useful in many situations. You can not only use them when trying to find fish in cloudy or deep spots but also when you are trying to fish while the skies are relatively dark.

Even more importantly, some of these fishing lights might attract various kinds of fish. These include not only traditional fish but some more exotic things like squid.

But all fishing lights are different from one another. This goes well beyond just some lights being green while others are white or some other vibrant color. You have to watch how your fishing lights are laid out and how they look when you are aiming to get something ready for your fishing plans.

Quick Answer: Best Underwater Fishing Lights In 2019

Our first choice is Lightningsky 12V LEDs Light. Depending on your situation and needs the choice could be different. Our top ten of the products:

  1. Lightningsky 12V 180 LEDs Light
  2. Green Lantern 12V Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light
  3. Amarine-made 12v-24v 8W LED 1000 Lumens Lure Bait Finder
  4. Firewatermarine 12V MAXX Green Underwater Light
  5. Glow Lion Green LED Night Fishing Light
  6. Amarine-made 12v 180 LED 900 Lumens Lure Bait Fish Finder
  7. Linkstyle 12V Underwater Light For Night Fishing
  8. Bright Night Fishing Under Water Light Green LED
  9. Goture 12V 10.8w 180 LEDs Submersible Fishing Light
  10. Green Blob Outdoors Blob Underwater 110 volt Dock Fishing Light

Comparison Of The Selected Underwater Fishing Lights

Fishing Light Lumens Color LEDs Check On Amazon
Lightningsky 12V 180 LEDs Light 900 Blue, white, or green (each light is sold separately) 180 Check Price On Amazon
Green Lantern 12V Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light 2000 Green 65 Check Price On Amazon
Amarine-made 12v-24v 8W LED 1000 Lumens Lure Bait Finder 1000 Green 180 Check Price On Amazon
Firewatermarine 12V MAXX Green Underwater Light 10000 Green 300 Check Price On Amazon
Glow Lion Green LED Night Fishing Light n/a Green 1 for each of the two lights you get in a package Check Price On Amazon
Amarine-made 12v 180 LED 900 Lumens Lure Bait Fish Finder 900 Green 180 Check Price On Amazon
Linkstyle 12V Underwater Light For Night Fishing 1000 Green, white, blue 120-180 Check Price On Amazon
Bright Night Fishing Under Water Light Green LED 15000 Green 300 Check Price On Amazon
Goture 12V 10.8w 180 LEDs Submersible Fishing Light 900 Blue, green, or white (each light option sold separately) 180 Check Price On Amazon
Green Blob Outdoors Blob Underwater 110 volt Dock Fishing Light 7500 Blue, green, or white (each sold separately) n/a Check Price On Amazon

Top Ten Underwater Fishing Lights Reviews

We have selected 10 underwater fishing lights that could meet your needs.

Lightningsky 12V 180 LEDs Light

Start your search by looking at this light from Lightningsky. This works with green, white, and blue colors depending on the model you get. Each Lightningsky states that the white color works best for general purposes, but blue is best if you specifically want to get fish above all else. Each of these is different from one another and deserves to be explored.

This uses a five-sided cylindrical body for finding fish. This gives you a 360-degree view with light moving all around. It also uses 180 super-bright LEDs all around with a rating of 900 lumens.

This all links to a 15-foot cord that you can connect to your boat’s battery or another power source. Connect the light to the two battery terminals and then add it around the side of your boat or all the way into the water depending on what you might prefer to do. The light offers about 75 meters of visibility, thus making it easier for the fish you want to catch to be spotted quickly.


  • Each color is very bright
  • Uses less battery power than traditional lights


  • The cord is not all that long
  • Tough to attach to some batteries

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Green Lantern 12V Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light

This powerful 10-watt green underwater fishing light offers LEDs that take in a little less than an amp of power. It also produces about 2000 lumens of power within its cylindrical body.

This weighs only around ten ounces and yet is rated to last for about 50,000 hours. It also includes a 15-foot power cord alongside brass battery clips to link it up to your boat. You can get this to move down into the water quite well and it will still stay intact.

The green light produced does well with attracting fish. You may notice that it will get bait fish out to your boat first and then attract larger predatory fish. This gives you more opportunities for finding an extensive variety of fish that you might be interested in.


  • Resists most items in the water quite well
  • Starts up quickly
  • Produces a full 360-degree layout


  • You will get more zoo-plankton attracted to your light before fish come along

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Amarine-made 12v-24v 8W LED 1000 Lumens Lure Bait Finder

This next choice comes with a six-sided body with 180 LEDs laid out all around. This produces about 1000 lumens of brightness while using just eight watts of power.

A lead weight is included inside the light. This helps you to drop the light down into the water as desired. This all works with a cord that is a little less than twenty feet in length.

This produces a bright green light that works well in most conditions. Also, the 12v-24v layout of this battery ensures that it can work alongside a variety of batteries. You could link this up to an 18-volt battery and it will continue to work. The added clamps that come with the light ensures that you can get this linked up to an appropriate battery inside your boat.


  • Comes with a sturdy body
  • Works on most marine batteries
  • Easy to move the light underwater


  • Only uses a green color
  • Covering over the LEDs might be too thick for some

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Firewatermarine 12V MAXX Green Underwater Light

This next choice is a 12-volt option from Firewatermarine that comes with a heavier gland that allows you to move the light underwater with ease. It also has a sturdy cover that protects the light from saltwater damage.

This works with 50 watts of power and 10,000 lumens of light. There are 300 LEDs all around the bulb with these organized in a perfectly cylindrical layout. This all produces a bright green tone that does well for bringing in many fishes. Firewatermarine particularly states that this light does well when attracting shrimp and walleye.


  • Strong light output
  • Sturdy casing keeps the light from being impacted
  • Suitable for a majority of water conditions


  • Might bother your eyes if you look at it too much
  • Tough to keep it organized while underwater

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Glow Lion Green LED Night Fishing Light

An intriguing part of this Glow Lion model is that it is designed not with a cable but rather with something that you would attach to your line. It does not even need any outside batteries for you to make it work.

This works with a series of coin cell batteries. You just need three AG3 button cell batteries to make the Glow Lion light work. Fortunately, Glow Lion includes these batteries in the package itself.

You can connect one of these lights to a pole and then drop it deep into the water. This works at depths of up to 2,100 feet into the water. You can attach an action camera to the bottom of the light as well to help you get a better view of what is underwater in your spot.

However, the unit works best when you simply add bait or a lure to the bottom part. The light will draw fish to that bait so they can go after what you are dangling in front of them. The best part of this comes from the open hole on the bottom to help you secure the bait or lure to it.

You will get two of these LED lights when you order them. This is ideal for when you want to target both ends of your boat, or if you have a variety of bait or lure items you want to use when attracting fish.


  • Offers much great depth support than most other light models
  • Does not require a marine battery to operate
  • Physical layout stay strong


  • Batteries only last for about 30 hours before they have to be replaced
  • Might be hard for a camera to link up to your boat when using this light in deeper spots

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Amarine-made 12v 180 LED 900 Lumens Lure Bait Fish Finder

The next choice for you to spot is this attractive fish finder that offers a 12-volt body with a five-sided LED layout. The 180 bulbs are arranged evenly along the body of the light to create about 900 lumens of brightness. This all comes with a nine-inch length and a 15-foot cable with brass-coated clamps to conduct energy from your marine battery with ease.

The inner globe allows you to add or remove a lead weight onto the fish finder. You can remove it to use this as a floating item for shallow spots or for when you’re trying to bring fish a little closer to the surface. But the lead weight will apply evenly and easily to let you move this down into the water as you see fit.


  • Starts up with ease
  • Uses less battery power
  • The green light adds a bright touch


  • The cover appears a little too thick
  • Cable feels bulky

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Linkstyle 12V Underwater Light For Night Fishing

This 360-degree led light is made for both salt and fresh water. The light is bright enough (1000 lumens) to attract some fishes like prawns, redfish, bass, trout, squid, etc. You can choose from 3 different colors depending on your needs.


  • It can provide 50000 hours of light
  • Different colors attract different fishes
  • We can use the light in salt water and fresh water without problems


  • You may have to add some weight to sink the light

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Bright Night Fishing Under Water Light Green LED

This next choice is one of the most powerful options to see when finding underwater fishing lights. This green LED light has 300 LEDs and produces 15,000 lumens of light. It generates enough light for a diameter of about 35 feet.

Be advised though that this light comes with battery clamps but not with a cable. You can always get your cable to link up between the clamps and the light itself if you wish. But when using this, you would have to make sure the cable itself is compatible.

Bright Night Fishing does offer an AC plug that you can use on a battery or other outlet on your boat. This may be used to get a consistent flow of energy without having to clamp the light to your battery terminals. You would have to see how well the plug can link to another cable though.


  • Intense light production makes seeing things underwater easy
  • Works for at least 40 hours on a single 12-volt battery
  • Can be used for ice fishing needs


  • Might be tough to get your own cable added to the light

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Goture 12V 10.8w 180 LEDs Submersible Fishing Light

Look at how well this Goture light can help you with finding many types of fish. This uses a weighted lead at the base to help you move the light down under the water quite well. This comes with a 25-foot cable as well. This cable is a little longer than some of the other cables you might find elsewhere.

The five-sided LED bar is protected with a slim cover to keep the LEDs intact. The unit is estimated to run for about 50,000 hours before it dies out. It will still need to be connected to a marine battery for it to work, but the copper-plated clamps will help you get all that energy out to the battery quickly.

The most popular feature of this light is its ability to handle many types of light. It can work with green, blue, or white lights for different types of fish and various water conditions. You would have to order an appropriate light based on the fishing situations you want to get into.


  • Resists corrosion and impacts
  • Easy to switch between colors
  • You can replace inserts inside the tube as needed


  • LEDs on the inside are very fragile
  • You can only get light in just one color

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Green Blob Outdoors Blob Underwater 110 volt Dock Fishing Light

This light option from Green Blob Outdoors is the last of the lights for you to find. This is available in green, blue, or white colors. Be sure to consider your fishing needs when choosing a proper light tone.

But no matter which color you opt for when getting your light ready, you will get something that features a 30-foot power lead and a 110-volt adapter. This makes it easier for you to get the power you need off of a marine battery or any other source of energy you have. This is assuming that your boat or battery has an outlet that you can plug it into.

The Green Blob light does not overheat nor does it wear out quickly. This adds enough power for making it easier for you to see what is in the water in any condition.


  • Easy to power up
  • Longer cable lets you move it underwater quite well
  • The internal weight helps you move it deeper
  • It can provide 50000 hours of light continuously
  • Does not overheat
  • Available in different colors that attract different fishes


  • Potential for the covering over the LEDs to break apart

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Buyers Guide

You must watch for what you can get out of a quality fishing light. Every light is made with its own series of parts and features to make it stand out and look its best. Make sure you see what you can find out of a quality model.

Check the Shape

The shape of your light is important to analyze at the start. The lights typically come with cylindrical bodies. This should provide you with a 360-degree view of everything under the water near your boat.

The cylindrical layout should include a four, five, or six-sided surface. This allows many lights to project outward in many directions, thus ensuring the best underwater coverage possible.


The length of your fishing light is measured from the base of the light to its end. It should be a little less than a foot in length in most cases. This is good enough to provide you with the light you need for seeing things.

How Many Bulbs?

You can get plenty of bulbs onto your underwater fishing light. LEDs are the most popular bulbs to find on today’s fishing lights. These light-emitting diodes produce less energy and still generate a great deal of light. These can also support many colors.

The number of LEDs can vary by each unit. Aim for something with at least a hundred bulbs if possible. This should offer enough coverage on all sides of your light. But you can always aim for something with a smaller number of LEDs or bulbs provided that it has a higher lumen total, which is the next point to review here.


Lumens are important to review when finding fishing lights. A lumen is a measurement of how much light may be produced at a given time by a light source.

Your light will be brighter when it produces more lumens. But for more lumens to be produced, a light needs to have a better wattage total. The good news is that LEDs are used in most of today’s fishing lights that work under the water, thus ensuring you can get more light produced while using fewer watts.

Voltage Points

Most of today’s fishing lights use about 12 or more volts of power. This should be enough for you to get it ready to work on most marine batteries including trolling motor batteries. You should still check on how well your light works when compared with the battery you will link it up to.

Review the Battery Clamps

Your fishing light should come with a series of battery clamps. These will appear at the end of the cable that comes with the light. The clamps will go onto each of the battery terminals. This provides your battery with the energy you need right away.

The clamps should secure themselves well onto the terminals and should be made with strong metal materials that can conduct energy well enough. This is to let the battery transfer enough energy to ensure it will keep on working properly.

Copper or brass-plated clamps can be found on some lights. These do better with conducting energy, thus ensuring the energy produced moves along well enough.

Are Batteries Included?

While a majority of the underwater night fishing lights work with batteries inside their bodies, you might also find some models with their batteries included. These include small disc batteries that may be secured inside the body of the light. Such a battery can provide you with enough light, but you should see that a proper power switch is included on your light so you can conserve energy well enough.

Also, you should see that the battery can be easily replaced when it dies and that you know where you can find new ones.

How Is the Cable?

The cable attached to your fishing light is essential to review. You have to get a cable that features a protective covering to keep the wiring on the light from being exposed. This is vital if you are in conditions where the water is not perfect or if you are in a saltwater space.

The cable can be several feet in length. The length goes from the marine battery to the actual light housing itself. In most cases, you will find a cable that is at least ten feet long. A longer cable is ideal if you want to find fish in deeper conditions. You would have to watch for the length when compared with the end of your boat and where the marine battery it links to is.

Color Support

The colors that your fishing light can produce should be examined. You may be able to utilize multiple colors on your fishing light. However, in most cases, you would have only one light to work with.

Also, green is the most commonplace light that you can use, but you may hold many options to work with when getting these organized right. You can review all of these points to give yourself a little more control over how well the

Blue and green are the best colors to use when attracting fish. These two colors are easier for fish to identify in deeper and darker conditions.

Green and blue are perfect for deep water and are especially useful when the water is clear. Meanwhile, green is better when you are in shallow water or the conditions are rather turbid.

White is also popular as an all-around color that can attract many types of fish. But this is designed primarily with helping you to find your way around the water. You could always change the white light to a green or blue tone if you need to after a while.

Getting the right color projected is vital to the success of your fishing light. But even with that, you must still watch for what you are getting out of it. You should see that the fishing light is paired with an appropriate lure or the right bait for your fish. The light will make it easier for a fish to identify the lure or bait you are utilizing.

Floating or Sinking?

You may find some lights that can either sink into the water or float on a surface. Many lights are capable of doing both, but you might have to add weight to the bottom part of the light to make it easier for you to get it deep down into the water. Be advised though that the effectiveness of the light might be a little lower when you get it deeper into the water.

A sinking light would be best if you are going to attach a camera to one of these lights. An HD action camera can be connected to the bottom to add some weight, but this might work best if you can get a good wireless connection going between the camera and your display unit.

You can also use a sinking light if you want to get bait or lures added to the spot. Some lights might come with special anchors on their bottom parts to help you connect these items. Combining a lure or bait with a bright light improves your chances of catching fish, what with that attachment being a little more visible and intriguing to your targeted fish.

Some sinking lights come with lead weights built into their bodies. Such a weight is integrated around the base of the light to help get it to move deep into the water. This should help you get the light to move deep down into the water, but you would have to keep the cable under control so the light can stay at the same depth.

Review the Cover

The cover over the bulbs should be inspected carefully. The cover will protect the bulbs and keep them from being at risk of premature damage, but there is still a risk that they might be harmed over time. A cover will help with keeping the bulbs from being tampered with or unable to work properly.

But be advised that a thick cover might be a problem at times. A cover might cause the light to be less intense than what it is really like and might keep some light frequencies from moving out all the way. The cover should be thin enough to keep interference from being a threat while still ensuring that the light will look its best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are LEDs better for your lighting needs?

It is best to use LEDs when getting your underwater fishing light ready because LEDs can produce less energy than other bulbs.

The battery power on your light will last longer and not drain easily because an LED uses a processor that produces a distinct light. This does not generate lots of heat nor does it require more watts. An LED can display more light without having to use lots of power.

LEDs can handle various water conditions as well. You can even use LEDs in saltwater bodies.

Also, an LED can change color. The small bulbs on an LED bit can combine to create a distinct color. You can get this to work with many types of colors to help you catch different types of fish.

Are halogen lights better for use?

Although halogen lights can produce a large amount of light at a time, this will use more power than necessary. Halogen lights can use several times as much energy as an LED light.

Also, the bulbs attached to such lights could be fragile because they are larger in size than what an LED light comes with. Any covers you use over a halogen light will impact the quality of that light more than what came off of an LED light that can produce more lumens with the same amount of power.

The heat produced by the light might also be disruptive to fish in a local area. The fish might try and veer away from your light when they notice a good amount of heat coming off of it. They might feel that there is something suspicious in the area.

What types of fish will you get off of a fishing light?

There are no real limits as to what you can get to come towards your boat when you use a fishing light. You should be able to get not only bait and predatory fish but also squid, plankton, and other small creatures to come over to your light. In fact, the added small creatures that come into your region should make it easier for fish to come out to your property.

Day feeding fish are more likely to come out to your fishing light. So, you can choose trout fishing and bass fishing for night time. These fish are more sensitive to color than other night feeders. You could still find many types of fish, but you should watch carefully for how well a light works for any kind of fish you come across.

Is it safe to have a battery inside the light when you immerse it?

The battery in your light should be safe. The housing provided around your light is strong enough.

What is a cord on one of these lights made out of?

Most cords for a fishing light are made with plastic covers. This should be enough to keep the wiring insulated while also securing the wires from water damage. Some cords might be rather thick though, thus potentially making it harder for you to get the cord to flex well enough.

Can you use a remote control to keep tabs on your lights?

You will not be able to use the remote control on most of these fishing lights. Although a remote might sound appealing, it would be difficult for such a remote to send its signals out through the water.

Does a light use less energy when it is plugged into an outlet on a boat rather than being clamped to a larger marine battery?

The amount of energy that the battery uses will be the same no matter what happens. Use the light properly so you avoid using anything that might waste more energy than what you can afford to handle. The good news is that most of today’s lights are made with LEDs that will not use as much energy, thus making them a little easier to work with.

One Last Word

You should not have to struggle with trying to find fish while out in the wild. You need to know how to get the fish to come to you. The best underwater fishing lights on the market will help you to get all those fish out to your boat with ease. But you must look at how well one of these lights can be laid out based on how it looks and how well it can bring fish out into a spot.

Check around when finding your ideal underwater night fishing light so you can find a model that adds enough light into the water while making it easier for fish to want to come into a spot. You will be impressed with how well you can get all those fish out to your boat when you have the right light for use.

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