Motorguide xi5 Review With Pros & Cons

A trolling motor plays a vital role in boating, fishing even for kayaks. The Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor review will let you know everything about the Motorguide Xi series. However, it offers some reliable features compared to similar Trolling Motors on the market, and it’s quite efficient.

Something that makes this motor unique is the fact that it comes with plenty of power, varieties, and excellent features like the sonar, and Pinpoint GPS, among many others. Salt water and fresh water options make the motor a complete one.

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What is Included in the Product?

The good thing about the Motorguide Xi5 is that it includes plenty of useful features that make it easier to use and value for your money. The first thing you need to realize is that it enables you to choose between the thrusts, power options, and sizes. The GPS feature also included in the Motorguide has great digital technology to maximize battery life.

With the GPS on the Motorguide Xi5, you can easily set the course or anchor mode. You can also mount the hardware.

Features of the Motorguide Xi5

As mentioned earlier, the Motorguide Xi5 includes a lot of useful features, which we are going to highlight below. Check them out.

Thrust, Power & Size

When it comes to power, you can highly count on the Motorguide Xi5. Another thing is that it offers a variety of thrust and size options to choose from. It has 3 power options to choose from, and they include the 12V, 24V, and the 36V.

Keep in mind that every voltage is directly related to thrust. The thrusts include the 55 pound, 80 pound, and 105 pounds thrust motor. When it comes to choosing the motor’s thrust, you need to consider the size and weight of your boat. However, there’s also the alternative option of considering the voltage of the motor system in your boat.

There are also 5 different shaft lengths included for you to choose from. These shaft lengths range from 45-72 inches. Therefore, this provides you with an opportunity to select the one that is suitable depending on the size of your boat. You also have to consider the depth of the water where you will be fishing.

The power variations and peak thrust of the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor are quite strong and have the ability to withstand strong winds and currents, to help you get to the destination without much strain. However, it is highly recommended to consider using the 36V-105 pounds thrust if you happen to go out fishing in areas with strong currents.

Durability and Guarantee

The Motorguide Xi5 is quite durable, since all the parts of this Trolling Motor are designed with high-quality material made to last longer. The shaft is made with composite material that can withstand hard hits.

That means the Xi5 has the capacity and strength to fight tough currents or hit various obstacles without experiencing any crack or breakage. Its high level of durability makes it worth the price it’s being sold at.

What’s more, it has a composite that features a marine-grade design houses all the electronics and crucial components to prevent any dust or moisture, thereby providing another layer of protection for the trolling motor.

The durability and features of the Xi5 Trolling Motor provide users with the guarantee of a high-quality product and efficiency.


The Motorguide Xi5 comes with a low profile mount that helps to reduce the bulkiness included in the trolling motor. This makes it easier for you to use the motor without the need to sacrifice on the power, stability, and speed.

Motorguide Xi5 Mount


Since this is an electric Motorguide, it is essential to consider its battery life so that you can be on the safe side. The Motorguide Xi5 has impressive power and durability. You can use the 105 amp hour trolling motor batteries which are able to last for a few days after which you’ll have to recharge them.

The trolling motor also has digital technology that helps to increase the efficiency of the battery by up to 50 percent. Therefore, when the battery’s efficiency is increased, this contributes to an increased lifetime.

It also comes with a digital display that enables you to track the battery power, so that you can know when next you need to recharge it. This eliminates any future issues of breaking down or finding yourself stranded after the battery has died abruptly.

Display, GPS, and Steering Control

When it comes to the steering and navigating features, the Motorguide Xi5 has some advanced combination of bearing systems and a protective rigid and housing shaft that provide increased efficiency and performance.

Therefore, when steering heavily, you can rest assured that this motorguide will keep you safe and protected. It also comes with a speed system with user-friendly controls that make it easier to steer the boat.

There’s also an included wireless foot pedal that you can utilize for controlling most of the functions on the Xi5 trolling motor.

However, the Motorguide Xi5 lacks a display but it connects to a list of fishfinder plotters through the NEMA 2000 unit. You can find a many compatible units from Lowrance. However, you need a transducer for mounting the motor for the advanced sonar features.

The trolling also has a reliable LED display that shows when the power is ON or Off, and even the battery life.

Thanks to the included GPS, you can easily anchor your boat in the right position, track your courses properly, and lock in the heading and speed. When you lock in the heading and speed, you’ll have time to relax and let the trolling motor do the work for you. That means it has autopilot and cruise control features that help to make your work easier.


The Xi5 trolling motor come just a standard built-in sonar transducer that you can easily connect to a fishfinder that is compatible with it. But, you’ll have to use a NEMA 2000 connector cable, although the good news is that it is compatible with most units.

It’s a pretty decent transducer and functions properly in terms of imaging, although it doesn’t do any side imaging. What makes it efficient is that it has an advanced system which is better than not having any sonar in your motorguide.


When it comes to configuration, you need to have a bit of knowledge so that you can properly use the Xi5 trolling motor. First, you need to learn about the deployment and mounting a trolling motor as well as the GPS and sonar.

Pros of Motorguide Xi5 TM

  • Durable and able to withstand tough currents
  • Great control permits to fish anywhere
  • A really silent motor permits to move without noise
  • It has a sonar transducer that is compatible with many brands
  • Efficient battery
  • Various sizes and power options to choose from
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable LED indicators
  • Affordable

Cons of Motorguide Xi5 TM

  • The battery is affected by the anchor mode
  • Peak thrust models have a gap
  • Lack of side imaging in a sonar transducer
  • You need to have a NEMA unit 2000 for connecting with the fishfinder

Other Alternatives to Consider

There are also other alternatives to consider on the market. One of the alternatives of the Motorguide Xi5 is the Garmin Force Trolling Motor, which is quite new on the market although it offers so much efficiency. Coming from Garmin, a top-rated manufacturer, this trolling motor is compatible with most electronic devices, has excellent features, and it’s also quite affordable.

The second alternative is the Minn Kota Ulterra 80. This is a top-notch motor manufactured by an industry leader in electric trolling motors. It comes with an auto-deploy feature and there are many accessories of the Minn Kota products available on the market.

Where to Use the Motorguide Xi5 and Who Is It For?

When it comes to using the Motorguide Xi5, it all depends on the type that you decide to buy. There is the option of buying the fresh water Xi5 or the salt water Xi5. The most recommended one is the salt water version because it has extra corrosion resistance which makes it quite durable.

The Motorguide Xi5 is ideal for a serious fisherman, and since it comes in various sizes and offers different thrust options, it’s considered the perfect choice.

What Do People Say About the Motorguide Xi5?

Our Motorguide Xi5 review focused on almost every side of the motor, the public opinion is always important.

Most people are satisfied with the motor. They think that the Motorguide Xi5 is an efficient trolling motor that is ideal for a fisherman ready for some great work. It not only offers efficiency but also comes at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need to have a separate battery?

Definitely! Although it comes with 2AA batteries in the foot control, you still need to have extra batteries in the boat in case they go dead and you’ll have to change them.

2. How do I use the anchor feature and does one need to upgrade the motor once you buy it?

The anchor feature is included in the GPS version, while the non-GPS version can easily be upgraded with GPS to provide the anchor feature.

3. Is the quick release bracket important when using the Xi5?

Yes! The quick-release bracket comes with the outer and inner plates. The inner plate is bolted to the boat’s deck, while the outer plate is attached to the inner one, which helps to eliminate any noise during movement. This is why a quick-release bracket is crucial when using the Motorguide Xi5.


The Motorguide Xi5 is an affordable, efficient, and reliable trolling motor to use in both fresh and salt water areas. If you are a serious fisherman, then this is an ideal motor to consider using for your next fishing escapade.

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