Lowrance Hook2 4x Bullet Review

Lowrance Hook2 4x Bullet Review | Fish finder & GPS Plotter

Modern fishfinders have changed angling and are widely considered as must-have equipment for anyone who does the fishing. One challenge has always been picking the right one. We have taken the challenge and after detailed research, we think the Lowrance hook2 4X bullet review is worthy enough. This fish finder with GPS plotter is one of the best units for kayaks and boats with less space today.

There are many manufacturers of fishfinder units thus led to an influx of these products that are found. Just imagine problems first-timers will have to endure before they arrive at their ideal unit.

Lowrance Hook2 4x Bullet Review
Lowrance Hook2 4x Bullet Review

This is a remarkable unit that has significantly increased the amount of fish that you can net during each fishing expedition. It is widely accepted among pro anglers. This unit faces stiff competition from Garmin, Helix, and Humminbird fish finders but has on numerous occasions proven to be number one in doing its work.

The product that you are seeing here is rated as being lower in the revitalized Hook 2 Series. Having said that, it still gives a surprising amount of value that makes it perfect for most of your basic needs.

This amazing product comes in two different models. There is one with a GPS antenna and another one without. The difference you will get between these two items ranges from about $20 and with both of them costing less than $150, there is little reason why you should not pick the commodity that has a GPS antenna. A fish finder with a GPS antenna detects fish better than one without.

Features Noted In The Lowrance Hook2 4X Bullet Review

To be considered most reliable, these are some features that it possesses that make it stand out from others. These features combine to greatly eminence our unit’s power to actually locate fish. Here are some of its features found in the Lowrance hook2 4x bullet review.


This is actually one of those areas that the product actually beats others. Together with Garmin, Lowrance has been one of the companies that have played a key role to ensure that radar technology is a must-have for a good fish finder.

Higher brands at times like to isolate some frequency channels for given settings, they too also have a CHIRP system as their main approach alongside whatever other systems that they choose to include.

The radar has huge popularity because it does not use a single pulsation rather it sends out a range of frequencies that have an incremental order. When you look at most designs, the most common frequencies included are 50, 83,192, and 200 kHz. These different frequencies allow the sonar to provide a varying range and detail level that is collected and analyzed by fishfinder software to present the best accurate representation that it can.

However, it does not have a way to change the pulsation settings. Therefore, one has to rely on a collated image. Collated images can give desired results for novice users but may not be appropriate for professional purposes.


This product has a 4-inch display panel to display whatever is processed by fish finder software. Screen size is comparable to other high-end fish finders on the market however it is not the largest that you can find.

Its screen has a SolarMAX technology that comes in handy specifically during extremely bright days at the lake or sea. Technology allows the screen to adjust brightness levels according to the amount of light that is shone on it.

It has a technology that also allows the display to give a user a wide range of viewing angles so you don’t need to necessarily stand directly on top of the screen to view images being processed. The screen is also backlit so if you go fishing at night you will be able to see all images. Light is perfect for you and will not be noticeable by fish.

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This product gives a single wide-angle sonar beam. It essentially entails that you will not miss detecting fish in a wide range of areas. However, you will not have detailed information when you are directly above fish


Lowrance uses only 200 RMS watts, even though it is accepted by most fishermen, it is somehow rated on a lower end of the spectrum hence it will have much more importance depending on the frequency of sonar.

At 200 watts, it can provide a 50Hz signal image of up to 800’. However, at 200 kHz, the unit can only display an image that is 200’ deep at 200watts of power. This is a feature that does not meet the expectations of most users.


This model will provide versatile mounting options. The skimmer has a front dash gimbal and quick release bracket mounts. What this entails is that you can position your fish finder on your canoe without worrying whether it is securely mounted.


The product also relies on a keypad interface rather than the touchscreen option that is found on high-end fishfinders. A major advantage of having such a feature is that they are well labeled and can be accessed easily. If you at one time feel like going deeper into setting levels.

The trackpad navigation system makes it easier to choose various options using a single hand. Thus allowing you to keep another hand on the fishing rod.


This product uses simple menu layouts that are easy to navigate. All options are large and unique from one another so you can easily find and alter settings that you wish to change.

Screen’s interface is simple and most used functions that a fisherman constantly adjusts are accessible by a single button.

Advantages Of The Lowrance Hook2 4x Bullet Fish Finder

  • Sonar Autotuning. Gives you the best images by automatically adjusting the settings gradually as water conditions change.
  • The inclusion of fish ID feature. It is possible through the inclusion of Splitshot transducer that lets you track bait and fish.
  • The unit has a depth alarm and shallow water alarm
  • It has wide-angle broadband (240 kHz/40o). Enables users to see more fish and cover more water by using the least time possible.
  • Bullet skimmer transducer has been included. It is a feature that makes it a perfect fish finder for kayaks and small fishing boats.
  • The unit can read the temperature of the water.
  • GPS plotter is simple and accurate. Allows anyone to narrow his/her search for productive water features and give you a bird’s eye view of what lies beneath the water surface.
  • It has waypoints, routes, and tracking functions.
  • SolarMax technology used provides improved readability from sharp angles.


  • Single beam radar system.
  • No split view feature.
  • Smaller display screen when compared to other high-end fish finders.
  • No A-Scope function.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the unit have an SD Slot to upgrade maps?

Fish finder does not have an SD card slot. Maps are integrated into the product during manufacture.

  1. Can you monitor canoe speed?

Yes. GPS system will show the speed that the canoe or boat is moving, on the screen.

  1. What type of warranty does your product have?

Normally, the unit has a 1-year warranty.

Lowrance Fish Finder Updates

Lowrance is always working to make better fish finders. They have different updated versions. But, I love the Lowrance Elite-7 Ti2 fish finder with a real-time mapping system. This device with a 3-in-1 transducer works really great.

Evolution & Benefits Of A Modern Fish Finder

We can all agree that the traditional fishing method of just using a fishing rod, a fishing line, and bait does not guarantee that you will catch fish easily.

Anglers are always confronted with three challenges when they want to catch fish. The first issue is that you have to entice fish for it to strike your lure or bait and secondly you must set the hook and play fish before you get him up on your boat. However, a bigger challenge is actually locating fish first.

For a very long time, anglers had to rely on powers of observation and experience to catch fish. This usually never had good results because fish are rarely visible from above hence you can pinpoint their exact location just like a hunter would clearly see birds or deer.

The perfect solution to locating fish easily when you are on your fishing expeditions is to use a good fish finder. Fish finders were made first in the early portions of the 20th century.

Most manufacturers of these amazing products began to develop and sell radar units. Sonar units gave anglers a picture of what lied beneath the water surface.

One problem with early types of fish finders is that they were only helpful when it comes to determining large-scale structures and depth of water. However, after further research and thanks to the constant advancement of technology, the capabilities of these fish finders grew exponentially.

The modern fish finders do not only enable us to find things like rivers sources or ways and find out the depth of water, but they also display incredibly detailed images.

Most of these modern devices have the power to display things as small as baitfish and rocks. These products give fishermen a lot of supplemental data and capabilities like wireless connectivity and GPS information. Data is then transmitted from the fish finder to a display panel for processing by anyone who is fishing.


The Lowrance hook2 4X bullet review discovered that this fish finder with GPS Plotter will definitely be a perfect choice for beginners. It is made by a reputable company and is one of the reasons why I easily recommend it to anyone.

The fact that you get all those features at an affordable price range makes it a go-to product for anyone shopping for a good fish finder. Don’t go for cheaper knockoffs that do not last for long.

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