Buying Guide Boat Shoes | 5 Things Not to Ignore

If you are planning a weekend in the water on a boat then definitely the question of what type of shoes you will wear will always come to your mind. Buying guide boat shoes will show you that it is not a difficult task. Obviously, you know that you can not go for some sandals or flip-flops to join the trip. The solution is, you need to pack useful and comfortable boat shoes.

Always remember a good pair of boat shoes are not only comfortable but they also help you to stay safe from slips and falls. If you have ever bought a pair of boat shoes for you just based on attractiveness, you will know how comfortable and adequate they are for such adventures.

Buying Guide Boat Shoes
Buying Guide Boat Shoes

In this article, you will find why boat shoes are important, and five things not to ignore while buying boat shoes.

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Why are Boat Shoes Important?

Boat shoes were invented by Paul Sperry in 1930. Most of his time was spent on the boat and kept on sliding on the wet boat deck thus he designed these shoes after getting tired of slipping again and again. From that day the shoes have become shoe brands for all the boaters around the world. These shoes offer traction cut into the leather shoe while you move around the rocking boat.

Just like you want your board to be geared up properly on the water for a day, similarly, your apparel has to be to the point as well. Boat shoes are going to be an important part of your adventurous day because from boarding the boat to walking on the wet deck, you are going to do everything.

Not only for the adventurous trip but you should always have a solid pair of shoes like boat shoes to protect yourself from any type of injury or pain, and helps you in moving around when needed. Not only do you need boat shoes but you also need a rain jacket, a good pair of sunglasses, and a high-quality hat to protect yourself from the sun.

See Our Buying Guide Before Selecting Boat Shoes

Many things should not be ignored while you buy boat shoes for yourself. Boat shoes play a very important role in the water trip plan. The wet floor will keep on making you get slipped again and again that’s why a strong pair of shoes views in moving comfortably.

Obviously, you can not risk sleeping and getting injured on your trip when you might not get a doctor’s attention nearby. That is why you need to get a pair of boat shoes for a safe journey. It will ensure boating safety and comfort as well.

Following are five things not to ignore while buying boat shoes.

The Flexibility of The Shoe

The very first thing you need to check is the flexibility of the boat shoes. You can check the flexibility by squeezing the sides of the shoes. If you are looking for shoes to be used in tough trails, then stiff boat shoes will be the best choice for you. 

You can also test the stiffness of the show by flexing the outsole with your hands. The shoes that are best for wet conditions always have an outsole that is quite resistant and helps you in walking comfortably. 


Tightening of the footwear is a very important thing. That is why you should always look for boat shoes that have rings or hooks so that they can tighten your foot and you can walk appropriately.

The most common design of the laces is the leather lace that goes round to the back of the shoes and fastens your feet. For avoiding any kind of slipping or strain, your feet should always be firm while you walk. 

Shoe Upper

For carrying out the boat activities comfortably your shoes upper should be flexible enough. For easy movement, your shoe should protect your ankle and toes. For supporting the ankle the sides of the shoes should be high. 

For avoiding any kind of strain, please choose the shoe with a medium Heel cuff. For adequate support in the trip, always make sure that your boat shoes are stiff.

Shoe Sole

Always make sure that you choose a shoe with both outsole and insole made of good material. For rigid support of the outsole, it should be strengthened with stitching and Welts. Full movie from one end to the while you are in the boat your shoe should have additional rubber sole because the rubber sole provides necessary friction on the wet floor.

For good grip, the outsole should carry big treads. Always remember that if you know that you are going to spend more time near the water always go for the boat shoes that contain adequate cushioning.

Shoe Material

Boat shoes are made up of different types of materials, for example, leather, rubber, and plastic. The shoes are made up of leather material that is one of the highest qualities. These boot shoes are completely resistant to moisture and water. The leather material helps your feet breathe and remains dry all day long. 

The thickness of the leather used determines the durability of the boat shoes. Always remember if thick leather is used in the boat shoes they will always last longer. As well as for sailing and boating they provide durability and support to the feet. These Shoes use a leather lining that helps your feet to remain warm and you can enjoy your adventure.


Excellent boat shoes are always comfortable and fit well. Shoes should fit well because tight shoes shall make your feet feel uncomfortable all day long and shall put pressure on your feet. You can always find the best design and comfortable boat shoes.

The mentioned factors in the buying guide boat shoes should always be considered while you go for buying shoes for your trip. Shoelaces, soles, materials, etc. play a vital role for a strong and firm grip in areas around water and wet floors of the water. Thus always make a choice that is supportive and long-lasting.

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