Best Inflatable Boat For Fishing

Best Inflatable Boats For Fishing & Fun | Reviews 2021

Most people assume that they need massive hard-bodied boats if they want to head out on the water to go fishing. But not all boats out there have to be huge. Instead, you can find some inflatable boats that are perfect for fishing and recreation. The best inflatable boats for fishing are made with strong bodies that are capable of getting you out there on the water with ease. These include strong boats that will stay intact and are easy to maintain.

Best Inflatable Boat For Fishing

Best Inflatable Boat For Fishing

But there are many things about an inflatable that you will have to review carefully. The things that come with an inflatable boat can be extensive and may feature various qualities that are important to explore.

You must look at how well an inflatable boat can be organized and that you have something that makes the fishing experience all the more fun. A boat needs not only a good design but also enough spaces for storage, control, and capacity that you and possibly others will enjoy.

Which Is The Best Inflatable Boat For Fishing? Our Choice!

In our opinion, Intex Mariner 4 four-person boat is the best Inflatable boat for fishing for its completeness, strong construction, and versatility.

The most popular boat may be the Intex Excursion 5 for the quality offered at a better price.

Comparison For The Best Inflatable Fishing Boats

Boat Model Seating Capacity Number of Air Chambers Material Used Check Price On Amazon
Intex Excursion 5 5 3 with an added auxiliary chamber in the hull Vinyl Check Price On Amazon
Intex Mariner 4 4 1 main hull chamber PVC & Polyester Check Price On Amazon
Classic Accessories Colorado XT 1 3 PVC and nylon with a steel frame Check Price On Amazon
HydroForce Marine Pro Inflatable Raft 2 adults & 1 kid Unknown 3-ply reinforced vinyl Check Price On Amazon
Angler Bay Inflatable Boat 6 3 Vinyl Check Price On Amazon
Intex Seahawk 2 2 3 plus auxiliary chamber in the hull Vinyl Check Price On Amazon
Intex Seahawk 4 4 2 alongside added hull chamber PVC Check Price On Amazon
Sea Eagle SE9 4 4 38mm Polykrylar Check Price On Amazon
Goplus 2 or 4-Person Inflatable Dinghy Boat 2/4 2/3 3 PVC layers, marine wood, aluminum Check Price On Amazon
Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish Inflatable Boat 1 2 30 mil Polykrylar Check Price On Amazon
Bestway Voyager 300 2-Person Inflatable Boat 2 3 Strong vinyl Check Price On Amazon
Solstice by Swimline Voyager 4-Person Boat 4 4 PVC Check Price On Amazon

The 12 Best Inflatable Boats For Fishing Reviews | Pros & Cons

Most of these boats are designed with many people in mind, but some boats are made for only one person at a time. Be sure to look at your demands for fishing before getting a boat so you know what you are entering into when buying something.

Our top 12 selected inflatable fishing boats are given below to find the best one for your needs:

  1. Intex Excursion 5
  2. Intex Mariner 4, 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set
  3. Classic Accessories Colorado XT
  4. HydroForce Marine Pro Inflatable Raft
  5. Angler Bay Inflatable Boat
  6. Intex Seahawk 2
  7. Intex Seahawk 4
  8. Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Motormount Boat
  9. Goplus 2 or 4-Person Inflatable Dinghy Boat
  10. Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish Inflatable Boat
  11. Bestway Voyager 300 2-Person Inflatable Boat
  12. Solstice by Swimline Voyager 4-Person Boat

Intex Excursion 5

The Intex Excursion 5 is a top inflatable boat for fishing to watch for. This is a boat that offers three air chambers plus an auxiliary chamber in the hull. These chambers add more protection inside the boat while the added one in the hull promotes a stronger sense of buoyancy in the boat. This does well for cases where you’ve got lots of pressure to bear with when trying to reel a fish in.

The two main hull chambers use a Boston valve on each one to help you quickly fill in air and deflate it fast. An I-beam floor is also included to produce a stronger body that is comfortable and easy to walk on.

There are also two welded oar locks located on each side of the boat. These two locks make it easier for you to secure your oars as necessary. This is all paired with a sturdy vinyl design that keeps the boat intact on the water.


  • Grab handles are placed in perfectly ergonomic spots
  • Beam floor adds a stable surface
  • Offers support for up to five people
  • The motor mount fitting permits to add a motor for powering the boat
  • Three air chambers make the boat a safe one
  • The boat comes very completely with the needed accessories (gear pouch, rod holders, carry bag, repair kit, air pump, aluminum oars, oarlocks, etc)
  • The boat is US Coast Guard approved
  • This popular boat is made of super-tough vinyl
  • The seats with backrests are comfortable
  • Capacity for 5 persons


  • Seats included do not adjust all that easily

Intex Mariner 4, 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set

This strong and durable inflatable boat is made of super-tough PVC in three layers. This is really a good one for fishing and fun with family and friends. Three adults can use it with comfort as there will be sufficient room. They have used high-quality plastic for the floor to make the boat rigid and stable enough. This is our top pick in this inflatable world.

We can inflate or deflate the boat quite easily as there are two Boston valves on the main hull. The boat fishing is friendly with 2 integrated rod holders, one gear bag, one battery bag, and three inflatable seats. The trolling motor mount fitting is included to keep the option of adding a motor open.

The resistant boat also comes with two 54’’ aluminum oars, oar holders, oar locks, two grab handles, and grab lines.


  • The boat comes with U.S. Coast Guard I.D. and it is certified by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturer’s Association)
  • Includes a repair patch kit and a high-output pump for inflating or deflating
  • The boat is 880 lbs. Maximum weight capacity (4 persons)
  • The fishing rod holders permit to fish with ease
  • The grab holders of both ends and the grab lines around the boat offer protection for the passengers
  • The all-around rock guard makes it stronger
  • The inflatable keel ensures better control
  • A trolling motor can be mounted
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer


  • The boat is for 4 persons but it comes with 3 inflatable seats

Classic Accessories Colorado XT

This is another inflatable pontoon with a comfortable padded seat. The seat is paired with an extensive body that has twenty pockets all around. You can even find two insulated drink holders on this model.

This is one of the best inflatable boats for fishing in that it offers a steel tube frame all around with rod holders available on the two sides. These can work well with the seven-foot aluminum oars that come with the boat or any other oars you might prefer to use.

A fishing rod holder is also included with this being easy to adjust in more than six positions. You can control its position based on what you are looking to find while in the water. This can even do well for when you’re trying to cast a line out to some further off spots near your boat.

The PVC bottom and nylon top add a great surface that resists water while handling up to 400 pounds at a time. A foam fly patch is also included.

You can use the transport wheel that comes with the boat as well. The wheel attaches to the bottom part of the boat and allows you to tote the boat to and from the water.

The anchor system lets you keep anchors on the end of the boat while making it easier for such anchors to be deployed properly. You can use this during some of the toughest weather conditions where you might need to keep your boat steady, but this can also work if you want to use a stationary position when trying to find fish in a local spot.


  • Can support a trolling motor on either the left or right end
  • A healthy mix of mesh and zipper pockets
  • Wire basket rear platforms help you to tote larger items well
  • 2-year warranty
  • The boat comes totally equipped and ready for fishing and fun


  • The design is not conducive for backpacking
  • Does not work as well with a motorized pump when filling it with air

HydroForce Marine Pro Inflatable Raft

This is a resistant boat for extreme marine conditions. High-quality marine-grade material is used to construct the boat for lakes, rivers and even for sea water. After every use in the saltwater, we should wash the boat with fresh water. Especially we can take care of the metal parts.

The lightweight Hydro force Marine Pro boat includes almost everything to go to the water for fishing and fun or relaxing. It comes with:

  1. Fishing rod holders
  2. 2 Seat cushions for comfort
  3. 2 aluminum oars of 60 inches & multi-directional oar locks
  4. A great Inflation pump
  5. Quality repair patch
  6. Storage bag
  7. Safety valves


  • Highly strong construction with 3-ply reinforced vinyl
  • The boat can be inflated or deflated quickly with the screw valves
  • Lightweight with its 32 and a half lbs. approximately
  • The high-pressure inflatable floor ensures comfort and rigidity. Plywood floor can be added easily.
  • It comes with motor mount grommets that can be helpful for installing a motor mount (does not include motor mount).
  • The maximum weight capacity is 594 Lb. which is suitable for 2 adults & 1 kid.
  • Can be used in a bay
  • Great resistance in bad conditions even it resists from the petroleum rests and UV rays.
  • The grab rope gives safety.


  • It does not include any motor mount
  • There is no grab handle

Angler Bay Inflatable Boat

Get enough room for up to six people at a time with this sturdy Angler Bay inflatable boat. This is around 140 inches long and includes a thick heavy-duty vinyl body with carefully welded seams to keep all parts of the boat intact.

The grab lines around the end of the boat wrap all around the entire body of the boat. This offers enough room for all the people in the boat to stay in even during the toughest water conditions.

There is a pair of rod holders on this boat as well. This offers enough room for helping you to hold your fishing items while also having some space for oars.

The floor works with its own separate air chamber. You can also mount a trolling motor on either end of the boat to help you propel it well enough.


  • Works with both oars and a trolling motor
  • Easy to move the inflatable seat
  • Comes with 2 fishing rod holders
  • The boat can be ready to use or can be packed quickly
  • Depending on the size, 3, 4, or 6 persons can use it
  • A trolling motor can be mounted
  • Seams are well welded
  • Drink holders, battery bag, and another bag is simply useful


  • Only one inflatable seat is included
  • Not as many storage pockets as you might wish there could be
  • Not recommended for rough water
  • It does not come with oars
  • An inflating pump is needed for using the boat
  • Many people do not like the soft floor

Intex Seahawk 2

This next option among the best inflatable boats for fishing is a traditional boat with a two-person arrangement. This offers three air chambers with an added auxiliary chamber inside the hull for added air support. There are two Boston valves used for helping you to fill the boat with water quickly and to also release air fast as needed.

A motor mount fitting is included to help you with getting a trolling motor added at the back of the boat. The handles on the side include a comfortable design that is not too hard to utilize.

The room inside the cabin provides you with enough space for allowing you and another person to have legroom and support for relaxing. It might be best to keep to your side of the boat just to be safe.

Although the boat is sturdy and flexible enough to maintain a large amount of weight added onto it, you should be cautious for how well you sit on the boat and how much weight you add at a given time.


  • Comes with an efficient pump
  • Vinyl construction adds a strong body
  • Drainage holes appear around the cockpit to keep the boat from flooding


  • Does not have any dedicated seat surfaces
  • The slim body might make it harder to switch sides with another person

Intex Seahawk 4

This is one of the smaller inflatable boats available from Intex. This has room for four people and also has two air chambers with inflatable cushions at the front and back ends of the boat.

There are two fishing rod holders on this model alongside added locks and holders for your oars. These can work well with the aluminum oars that are included here, but you have the option to have a trolling motor attached to the back end of the boat if you prefer.

The PVC surface does well for resisting many items and can work well in salt water conditions. The storage spaces around the inside part of the cabin help you to keep what you are storing intact and safe from harm.


  • PVC surface offers a thick body
  • Can hold around 800 pounds
  • Added inner hull chamber keeps air moving evenly inside the boat


  • Not all trolling motor mounts can fit onto the back end of your boat
  • Tough to adjust the seats inside the boat

Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Motormount Boat Package

This inflatable fishing boat from Sea Eagle is lightweight but can carry up to 4 people. The highly stable boat works nicely with small motors (electric or gas). Let’s discuss why this is called the fishermen’s dream!

This is a versatile boat that can be used for fishing and works as a yacht tender or as a white water raft where the risk is minor. The Sea Eagle 9 is great for rowing or motoring around in the water, lakes, rivers, or in the bays.

It is very easy to set up the boat and can be packed and transported quickly and without any hassle.

The 38mm Polykrylar (K80 PVC) constructed boat is super resistant to punctures and impacts. There is a nylon fabric sheath to add more protection to the boat. The seams are welded in high frequency to make it more compact

The double-layered inflatable floor with up to 3 times higher pressure gives stability and safety. The floor is I-beam constructed and 4 inches thick.

The SE9 dream package comes very much ready with the following accessories:

  1. Sea Eagle 9 strong hull
  2. The high-pressure inflatable floor
  3. Fishing and rowing inflatable seats
  4. The motor mount for the Sea Eagle
  5. 2 aluminum oars (AB254, plastic blades)
  6. Inflating foot pump
  7. Repair kit
  8. A carry bag


  • The boat is designed to use for different purposes safely
  • Made of 4 chambers including a safety chamber
  • Can be used in lakes, rivers, and bays
  • The capacity of the boat is 4 adults (1200 Lbs.)
  • The package is complete with necessary accessories
  • Various motors can be adjusted to the motor mount
  • The very strong floor ensures rigidity and safety
  • It is lightweight, with the floor and the motor mount it is 50 Lbs only
  • Can be inflated in 15 minutes only through the one-way air valves
  • The protective sheath adds extra strength to the boat
  • The grab line and the handles help to maintain the balance


  • It does not bring fishing rod holders

Goplus 2 or 4-Person Inflatable Dinghy Boat

If you like to enjoy water activities, this multi-purpose rigid inflatable boat (RIB) could be your one.

The independent air tubes made of 3 layers of the best quality PVC material and the rigid aluminum and the marine wood floor ensure the security of the boat. The high-quality German adhesives and the anti-collision strips make it safer. To prevent the leakage a high-pressure valve and marine sealant is used with perfection.

The package comes well equipped with the necessary items. Those are listed here:

  1. The multi-purpose inflatable boat
  2. 2 aluminum oars
  3. An inflation pump (works with the foot)
  4. Deck plates of marine wood
  5. A repair kit
  6. One carry bag
  7. Marine wood motor mount
  8. Grabbing rope, handles, and oar locks make it comfortable


  • The boat has one year warranty which is rare in inflatable boats
  • Very strong with different air chambers and the rigid floor
  • It can be sailed, motored or we can use the oars for moving the boat
  • Lightweight, easy to transport, and great for being with family or friends
  • Capacity for 2 or 4 four persons (400 & 900 lbs)
  • The boat comes well equipped


  • There is no fishing rod holder on the boat

Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish Inflatable Boat 

This one-man fishing boat is made without a frame. So, It is an extra lightweight boat that can be packed and carried effortlessly to the most remote areas.

The wooden floorboard makes the boat more stable. The space on the floor is more than sufficient for fishing and casting. The boat is totally prepared to start fishing from the moment you get it.

With this boat, you can go to the lakes, rivers, and the bay also. The high-quality materials used to make this boat are 30mm Polykrylar, 840 Denier Nylon, and 1000 Denier PVC coated polyester. It is designed in two chambers for precaution and safety. The high-frequency seams are up to the mark.

The Sea Eagle boat package comes with the important equipment for an inflatable fishing boat. It includes the followings:

  1. The boat hull
  2. One comfortable seat with back support
  3. 2 oars with oar locks
  4. An Air pump for inflating
  5. Repair kit and the bag
  6. 2 built-in rod holders
  7. 2 fish rules (36 inches)
  8. NMMA certified boat


  • The rigid and stable floor permits to fish in the standing position and from the seat also
  • The boat is super light and easy to pack
  • It takes less than five minutes to be ready for action
  • Highly resistant including to the rocky surfaces
  • You can go to the remote areas and to the shallow water zone easily
  • Two pouch pockets let you organize everything in a better way
  • 2 very strong rod holders and cup holders are included for your comfort
  • Maximum weight capacity 300lbs
  • At the bottom of the boat, 4 tracking strips increase the stability when you are fighting with the big fishes


  • The boat is for only 1 person
  • Does not come with the fishing rods

Bestway Voyager 300 2-Person Inflatable Boat

This small inflatable boat is for small lakes and ponds. It comes well equipped with 2 two oars (57-inch), 2-rod holders, 2 seat cushions, oar locks, oar clasps, 2 rings, grab handles,  grab ropes, and 1 small bag.

This light boat is constructed with 3 air chambers for precaution and the inflatable floor is a comfortable one.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • You can use it perfectly for fishing
  • Comfortable with seats and grab handle


  • You need to buy an air pump
  • There is no motor mounting system

Solstice by Swimline Voyager 4-Person Boat

This inflatable boat is designed with 4 air chambers. The double hull construction with an inflatable floor makes the boat strong and stable.

Two inflatable seats, 2 oarlocks, a Boston valve, and a rod holder come with the boat.


  • Heavy-duty PVC is used for strong and resistant boat
  • Four chamber design makes the boat safe
  • Comes well equipped
  • Comfortable with the inflatable floor and the seats
  • The boat is super lightweight
  • Works great in lakes, ponds, rivers and in calm water
  • We have the option to add a motor mount


  • Not for rough water

Buyers Guide

There are many points to look at when you are trying to find a quality inflatable boat. These are all items that can do well for providing you with the best experience while heading out anywhere.


The seating in your inflatable boat should be reviewed based on what it features. Some boats come with a padded seating area that can be adjusted quickly. But others come with stationary seats that cannot be moved around. The latter is typically for boats that can handle only one person at a time.

A boat should come with a fine cabin that allows for enough room for everyone to relax in. This could include not only inflatable seats on certain parts but also enough room on the sides of the cabin to allow a person to rest one’s back or to be supported well enough to stay inside the boat.

Whatever the case may be, the boat should be checked accordingly based on how well people are able to fit into it without any being at risk of slipping out.

Also, any seating surfaces should be reviewed based on how wide they are. A wider boat will clearly offer more space for people and can handle water without tipping quite well. However, many inflatable boats are narrow because they are too hard to use.

Floor Surface

The floor on your boat should be inspected carefully before using it. In most cases, the floor will come with its own separate air chamber to help you add enough air to the surface.

It may come with an I-beam design where the middle part is thicker than the others, thus establishing an even balance that keeps the boat floating well enough.

The floor should come with a thicker fabric if possible. It might come with a tarpaulin surface or maybe PVC or vinyl that uses a slightly thicker build than what you would get elsewhere.


The drainage features inside of your boat have to be utilized carefully so your boat will not take in water. Most inflatable boats come with small spots in their cockpits that help with draining out the water that a boat takes in. Such a spot makes it easier for water to go out of the boat. This, in turn, keeps the boat from being too heavy, thus making it easier for you to control it. The drainage also helps you with ensuring that the boat will not take in far too much water in any case.

The drainage feature will not only work for keeping your boat intact but will also ensure that you can get water out of the boat without hassles. This is also to keep everyone inside of the boat comfortable at all times.

The drainage holes should still be of a reasonable size though. You need to keep those holes strong and intact so they will not be tough to utilize.

Oar or Motor?

Most of the best inflatable boats for fishing come with oar locks and handle areas. These may help you with securing the oars on the sides of the boat. This may be ideal for cases where you have a sizeable amount of weight to add to the boat.

Other boats may work with trolling motors instead. You would have to get a separate mount added to the back end of the boat in most cases. You would have to measure the boat to see how long the shaft on your motor should be as well.

Many of today’s boats work with both motor and oar support. You should determine which one you would prefer to use based on your preference when controlling the boat.

A motor would be better if you are going to travel a longer distance or will be out on the water for a while. Oars should still be utilized inside your boat even if you have a motor just to be safe; this can work in the event that a marine battery attached to your motor dies out.

Fishing Facilities

Before selecting an inflatable fishing boat, check if it offers sufficient facilities for fishing or not. Does it come with some rod holders? Is there sufficient space for moving? Some inflatable boats have the option to add a trolling motor.

Some of the inflatable boats offer a gear bag, pockets, trolling motor battery storage, etc.

Storage Spots

You will surely bring plenty of items with you while on your fishing trip. These include an assortment of lures, bait items, and other vital fishing accessories. You must look for a boat that has enough room for all the storage needs you might have when getting all these items secured.

The good news is that today there are many boats that feature storage spots where you can quickly secure individual items into your boat. These include places that are covered up by zippers or other fasteners.

Look around a boat to see what storage spaces are available for your use. See how well you can open or close those spaces as necessary. Be aware of how well these storage spots are laid out based on how you can access them as well.

Make sure when finding a boat that the fabric inside the storage space is protected and carefully organized. The problem with some boats is that they do not have thick fabric surfaces inside their storage areas. This often makes it harder for you to actually get the items you have secured without worrying about punctures or other forms of damage getting in the way of things.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity on your boat will vary based on the models you look at. Boats with thicker and sturdier surfaces should be able to handle more weight.

The best rule of thumb is to factor about 200 pounds of weight for every person who can fit into a boat. For instance, a four-person boat may handle around 800 pounds when fully inflated. But whatever you do, you must think about not only who will be in the boat but also the materials you will bring with you. Think about the possible sizes of the fish that you might catch while out on the water too.

Air Chambers

The air chambers around your inflatable boat for fishing are designed to support you and everyone or everything else in the body. The air chambers work by taking in all the air that you add and move it around the entire boat. One chamber might be found on the left side while the other is on the right and so forth.

Many boats come with at least three air chambers. Some come with extra chambers to support individual spots like the floor or even space where a trolling motor would be applied.

Having more air chambers helps to ensure that your body will stay intact and will not go flat in the event of a puncture. Still, you should get your boat out to dry land if you see a puncture. Although the boat can still be used and will not deflate all the way, it could be a challenge to control depending on the part of the boat that has been deflated.

Also, many air chambers come with their own individual valves. You would have to add air into each of these valves just to get the air to move through the boat evenly enough.


The valves around your boat are critical to helping you get air in while keeping it in there. A valve should come with a body that lets you open it up and unlock it while adding air into the boat quickly.

A flap may be found on the inside of each valve to keep the air inside it from escaping. The flap will open when a pump is inserted into it. You could use the pump to inflate the boat or to gently deflate it. Sometimes a pinching motion may work on the valve to help you get all that air out of it.

The type of valve that you will find will vary based on the boat you get. The Boston valve is the most popular option for being easier to use.

This features a bottom section fixed into the kayak while the top is open for quick access. You would have to unscrew the connector that holds the two sections together to deflate the boat. The Boston valve offers a simple body that makes it easier for you to fill the boat up with air fast.

Some models may also come with their own safety valves. A safety valve works by providing you with a flap that identifies when you are over-inflating the boat. It will stop the inflation process after a while once it notices a high level of pressure. This is a convenient and helpful feature to have for keeping your boat secure, but not all boats will have this feature.

Construction Material

In most cases, you will come across vinyl and PVC materials. These are both popular items for the inflatable boats in that both of them can handle abrasion and salt water while also beading water with ease. These are also thick enough to keep from puncturing with ease just as well.

But PVC and vinyl are different from one another in spite of their many similarities. PVC has an added chlorine molecule in its body. This extra molecule makes PVC a stronger performer against UV rays. PVC is also a little easier to clean off than vinyl.

This makes PVC a little more appealing, but a traditional vinyl body will be beneficial just as well thanks to its sturdy design and how well it can resist tears and pressure.

Pumping Functions

Your inflatable boat might come with its own special pump. An added pump will provide you with the ability to get more air added into your boat with ease. But even with this, you might have to spend an extra amount of time to get it ready. A hand pump can work in most cases, but some models might support machine pumps that use a small battery motor to get air to consistently move into the boat with ease.

Regardless of what you plan on using, make sure you look at the air pressure within your boat. The pump should give you a look at how much pressure is being added into the boat. Avoid overfilling it or else the boat might be at risk of developing a puncture.

Repair Kits

Some inflatable boats come with their own repair kits. This includes a repair patch and an adhesive material used to cover up any small puncture spots on the boat. This is convenient and will match up with the fabric color, but you should look for added glue when trying to get one of these adhesives applied. This is to add an extra bit of protection over any punctured spot.

Also, the repair should be handled when the boat is dry and when you are on land as it is easier for you to apply a patch onto the surface at this juncture.

Securing Bags

Not all inflatable boats come with their own securing bags. These bags can help with storing boats. After you deflate a boat, you can fold it up and then put it inside the bag that it came with. This should come with a comfortable surface that fits in with the fabric around your boat and should not tear up the surface. The bag should also be large enough to handle the entire body of the boat.

You can always buy a separate third-party bag if your boat does not come with such a bag. But when using a bag like this, you will have to watch carefully for how well it can take in your boat and that it fits well enough.

Motor Support

The type of motor that an inflatable boat can support can be identified by measuring the distance between the top of the boat and the area where it meets the water. The transom, which is the back part of the boat, is the spot that you will more than likely have to get the motor added onto.

You would have to review the size of the boat and any manuals that come with it to identify how well you can get a motor mount added to it. This includes knowing how to get the bracket organized plus how long the shaft has to be. In most cases, a shaft can be around 15 inches in length. But you should still measure the boat and see if a shaft that long can actually work well. The key is to keep the motor immersed in the water all the way.

Don’t forget to look at how well the cockpit in your inflatable boat can handle a marine battery. You will need to get at least one of these batteries ready to get your boat ready to move.


The good thing about many of the inflatable boats is that they are affordable. You can find many of these boats for a few hundred dollars on average.

But while you might not have to spend too much money, you should be at least be cautious regarding how much money it costs to get a trolling motor and any other bits of equipment that you might need to get for your boat.

Your inflatable boat is only going to come with the body itself, although some models might come with added pump and oar items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of weather conditions are inflatable boats good for use in?

You should not have much trouble with using an inflatable boat in most conditions. A boat can work well in situations where the water is moving gently or even if there is a small bit of rain in the forecast.

But you should avoid using an inflatable boat in heavy winds or when the rain is far too intense. It might be difficult for your boat to handle such conditions depending on its body and how it is laid out. Always get a good review of the weather forecast in your area before heading out so you have a clear idea of what to expect when going somewhere with your boat.

How long can an inflatable boat last?

Most inflatable boats on the market today can last for about five to ten years. This should be more than enough to cover the warranty period associated with your boat.

This time measurement is based mainly on how well typical inflatable boats are handled. You should not struggle with getting your boat to work for you provided you have a clear idea of what can go into your boat and how it may be run.

But whatever the case may be, you must ensure your inflatable boat is handled accordingly. You have to avoid putting the boat out in any rough conditions that it might not normally be able to handle. You must also avoid storing your boat in a spot where it might be at risk of harm for any purpose.

Should you use a hand or machine pump for your boat?

Check on the instructions that come with your boat to see which type of pump you need. Some smaller boats will not do well with a machine pump; they might not handle the intense amount of pressure that such a pump can produce.

A good rule of thumb is to stick with the pump that comes with your boat if applicable. A hand pump might be better to use just to be safe, but a larger and thicker boat should handle a mechanical pump with ease. But whatever the case may be, always look at the instruction manual for your boat to see what is appropriate for your needs.

How much air has to be added to the boat?

The total amount of air you would have to add to your boat should be examined carefully. You will often have to get the floor filled up with 10 psi of pressure in some cases. Meanwhile, the keel might be filled to about 5 to 7 psi at a time.

Each boat has its own rules for how much air should be added at a time. Check the instructions for your boat to see how much air you will need to add at a given time so you know what to get out of the boat in any situation.

Make sure you avoid filling the boat up more than necessary as well, as excess pressure could be too harmful and might cause damages to the inside.

Can you add a hard floor onto a boat?

You have the option to add a hard floor onto the bottom part of your boat if you wish. This can work with plywood or some other solid surface of value to you. Whatever the case, you have to watch for how well the boat is laid out and that it is comfortable and easy to use.

To do this, you would have to use a few steps:

  1. Inflate the boat to about 75 percent of its capacity.
  2. Add the seats to your boat if applicable.
  3. Insert the hard floor panels under the tubes on the top area. Stretch the sides so they will cover the ends of the floor panels.
  4. Inflate the tubes all the way.
  5. At this point, the hard floor should be fully secured within the body of your boat.

This is a convenient and helpful solution for giving you the most out of your boat, but you must watch for how well that hard floor is laid out. It should not have any sharp materials that could possibly puncture a hole into the boat.

Also, the materials should be light enough to ensure that the boat does not take on too much weight. Look for any drainage spots too so you can keep water from pooling around the floor; you might have to drill a few holes into the floor just to make it work before you install it all the way.

How should one of these boats be cleaned off?

To clean off an inflatable boat, you would have to wash it off with clean water while on dry land. You do not have to keep the boat inflated at this point, but it might be a good idea just to ensure that there are no small crevices that you cannot reach while washing it off.

The cleaning process should entail a good soap and water mixture, but you might also find some commercial inflatable boat cleaner products on the market too. A biodegradable product may help with clearing off dirt, stains, and other difficult marks from around the boat. Check the label for anything you want to use to see how well it can be applied to your boat.

How should you store your inflatable boat when not in use?

Leave the boat slightly inflated while in a spot away from the sun’s rays when not in use. The boat does not have to be inflated all the way; it just needs a small bit of air on the inside to help you with keeping the boat’s shape intact.

You can also fold and roll the boat in the event you do not have enough room for storing the boat. You must still keep this in a dark space. Try to use a storage bag that keeps the boat secure in this case. You can always use a bag that comes with an inflatable boat, but not all boats will have their own storage bags.

What should you do in the event that your boat experiences a puncture while you are on the water?

The good thing about inflatable boats is that they are designed to keep working even when there is a puncture. The other air chambers around your boat will continue to stay intact. Also, it will take a bit of time for the impacted chamber to become fully deflated.

But even at this point, you should avoid sticking around on the water for far too much time if an air chamber is punctured. Get out to dry land and then clean off the surface that has experienced a puncture.

After you clean and dry it off, you must apply glue over the punctured area and allow it to settle in. After this, you must apply the proper repair patch that came with your boat onto the surface. This should be good enough to help you secure the surface.

Is an inflatable boat suitable for every single type of fishing activity or are there some exceptions?

There are many types of boats for lakes, rivers, and oceans. While an inflatable boat for fishing should work well for most situations, you should avoid using it for spearfishing.

Although a boat like this is very sturdy and will last for a while when handled right, spearfishing activities can be extremely dangerous. You could be at risk of puncturing a sizeable hole inside your boat when the very sharp spear you use for spearfishing gets in the way of its body.

On a related note, you should be aware of any hooks or other items you plan on using when getting your boat ready. Keep any hooks with points secure and use protective coverings over them when you are not going to use them. Even the smallest hooks can be sharp enough to where they will leave punctures in a boat if not handled appropriately enough.

Do you need a fire extinguisher for these small inflatable boats?

The answer is no. Normally fire extinguisher on a boat under 26 feet is not required. As these inflatable boats are smaller, they can exclude an extinguisher.


The best inflatable boats for fishing will help you with getting out onto the water while going around and getting the most out of a fun fishing trip. But as you look for a quality boat, you will have to watch for what you are going to get out of a trip. You must think about how many people can fit on a boat and how you can store items or secure your oars or a trolling motor.

We love Intex for these boats, but no matter what you choose. You will find a model that is perfect for your boating desires. Good luck in your search for finding the right boat that you are bound to love and enjoy taking out on the water.

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